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By Christina Haverkort September 2020

Fibroids are smooth muscle tumours that grow in the uterus. They are non-cancerous, also termed benign. Fibroid growths are also called uterine leiomyomas or uterine fibroids. These masses range in size from very small to about the size of a cantaloupe. Their cause is unknown, but research and clinical experience point to genetic changes and hormonal factors as likely causes. You can read more about fibroids HERE.

A client came to me with a fibroid. Her symptoms were very heavy menstrual bleeding, periods lasting up to a week, and pelvic pressure and discomfort. The fibroid had been causing her ongoing discomfort for over a decade, with its size increasing overtime, she did receive medical intervention to shrink the fibroid, but it was a rather uncomfortable experience.

I began her treatment with Body Referencing. In session, we allowed my client’s body to reveal why the fibroid was there, and what was making it grow. Her body presented her with a clear visual of the cause of the growth. Evidently, during surgery for a dilation and curettage (commonly called a D & C) the curettage tool clipped the lining of her uterine wall. She clearly saw this highlighted as the cause of the problem. We then asked her body what was causing the tumour to grow, in response, a flow of thoughts and emotions clearly entered her mind. Knowing that most fibroids are fed via the vascular system, our next step was to open a channel of communication among her mental, emotional, and physical awareness, the intention being to shut off the vascular feed with the intent of shrinking the tumour. Ultimately, in the course of 3 treatments, my client was able to release emotions, change certain thought patterns, and beliefs about herself and her body, and change or quit some of her habits. Acquiring the art of focused grounding and meditation brought her some much-desired changes in wellbeing. Since those three sessions, she experiences less pressure and discomfort and her periods have shortened to a normal 3-4 days.

Miscarriage is an emotionally heavy experience on its own, and is normally followed by a surgical D&C. Along with the deeply emotional complexity of losing a baby, the body undergoes a total dysregulation of hormones, while the mind and heart are attempting to cope with a flood of difficult emotions. Energetically, when injury of this nature coincides with a period of emotional intensity, the injured area or body part absorbs the emotions associated with what was going on when it happened. Thus, my client’s fibroid had stored all of her emotions around what she was going through; with my guidance she was able to do the necessary emotional release work, and committed to consistent attention and self-care to prevent the issue from recurring. This kind of work is not considered complete until journaling and meditation allow for further emotional release, and is greatly supported by the client embracing a meditative grounding practice, allowing for enhanced body awareness.