Quantum Healing

About Quantum Healing


“Quantum healing is healing the body-mind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifest at a sensory level. …quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness, mind, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, body.”

~ From Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra

Advanced Healing

The concept of “’Quantum’ represents the highest level of frequency that can be created to carry out the movement of energy. This is the energy I work with to effect change and healing in the body. I do this by working with several systems in and outside the field of energy.

  • “Qi’ or Life Force energy. When this is depleted, we are too. Yin (feminine energy) and Yang (masculine energy), these govern the general flow of energy through its positive right side and negative left side poles. They set the stage for energy movement from right to left following with a clockwise flow into the center of the Qi. The vertical flows of energy also contain a negative and positive pole, when we connect to the Earth, we connect to a positive charge. in all respects of magnetism, opposites attract. When any of these poles are not in alignment physical pain, dis-ease, or nervous system dysregulation can manifest.
  • The five elements: Ether, Water, Air, Fire and Earth, these energies in the body delineate movement of energy in each power center, but also the in our atmosphere.
  • The Pineal Gland, located in the 6th (third eye) chakra has photoreceptors of Light.
  • The Pituitary Gland, located in the 7th (crown) chakra. This is our connection to God, or the universal energies that connect us to the spirit world this is a positive pole.

Working with all of these components are essential to gain the highest mode of frequency that can be achieved for the transfer of energy. This is the flow I use within Quantum Healing.

All Quantum Healing sessions both in person and by distance  are approximately 60 minutes in length. I begin with guiding you into the deeply-grounded state, where your mind and body achieve enhanced coherence and communication. Then we work together in your field of energy to decipher what needs to transform. Taking the grounding master class series sets a baseline for understanding how energy works in the body for your own benefit. This is highly recommended but not compulsory.

Consultation calls are required to discuss pertinent details and how I can best be of help to you.

In Person Healing:

Location: Newmarket, Ontario
Cost: $150

Distance Healing

Location: Worldwide via phone or Zoom.
Cost: $130 CA

How Does Distance healing work?

In addition to the components described in Quantum healing, distance healing is possible because of we are all connected through an electromagnetic field of energy, both through our hearts and our body’s field of energy. Energy travels in waves, light, sound or radio to name a few. Both the ‘Earths’ field and our bodies field of energy are made up of a kaleidoscope of colour and light, this creates the frequency needed to achieve the connection.

Light is the most infinite power and travels in waves, and all electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed. Think about ocean waves, they are created by energy passing through water, from ripples to waves, they intensify as they move closer to land. Distance healing works similarly. Our hearts energy field acts as a transmitter and the distance between us creates a field whereby a higher frequency can be achieved.

Simply put, we are all connected generators of energy.

One-to-One Distance Sessions

(60-75 mins)

E-transfer optional
Cost: $130