Quantum Healing

In modern Physics we have discovered that there is much more to the world than we have been taught to believe. Our science is based on the world-view of a seventeenth century mathematician named Descartes. His vision of the universe was that of a perfectly ordered and functioning mechanism. The mind, he believed was a separate entity with no direct influence on the body. The Soul was also completely separate entity and each piece functioned in its own sphere. Therefore he divided man up into pieces and saw them as separate. Modern medicine and its scientific research has been based on this Cartesian world-view and a Newtonian understanding of material dynamics. Modern physics, since Einstein and Plank has discovered however, a whole layer of physical reality which does not follow these laws and does not act in ways that could have been explained by the Newtonian model.” (Franklin Sills)

We, in the West, have made a very good job of exploring our material world. We have divided the world, subdivided it and compartmentalized it even further. In traditional cultures, especially in the orient, a very different world-view to that of Descartes has long held sway. In the West we compartmentalize and separate reality into its constituent parts. In the East these parts are traditionally seen to be expressions of a greater whole.

The word ‘energy’ has many connotations, it can be specific types of energy such as electrical or X-rays, light or atomic energy; it can also refer to the movement of subtle pulsations which inform material structures like organs, tissue or joints. It is these subtle pulses with which Eastern traditional approaches to healing work. For any energy to arise, for any form to come into being, there must be movement. This process of ‘movement of energy’ in mankind is also a reflection of the energy in the universe as a whole.

“Life is conceived of as a movement, a vital life force energy, that which move from subtler fields to denser physical form. Therefore the movement of vital force, is seen to be imbued of consciousness or awareness which arises from the source itself.”(Franklin Sills)

Advanced Healing

Deepak Chopra, the author of “Quantum Healing”, said: “Quantum Healing is healing the body-mind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifest of a sensory level”. Quantum also represents the highest level of frequency that that can be created to carry out the movement of energy. These moving forces are basic energy patterns of life; how they interrelate is the foundation of all creation. As, Yin and Yang govern the general flow of energy through its positive and negative poles, Yin (feminine energies) and Yang (masculine energies) set the stage for energy movement, while five elements delineate this movement. The five elements are names given to the relationship of energy both in the universe and in the body. They are earth, water, fire, wood and metal.

When working with the five elements, polarity and the ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’ life force energy, the force field that is created is carrying the highest potential for the transfer of energy. This is the flow within Quantum Healing.

All Quantum Healing sessions begin with me guiding you into the deeply-grounded state, where the mind and body achieve enhanced communication and coherence. At this point your body elicits areas that need your attention and intentions. Information can be accessed and provides a greater picture as to what is happening both in the subtle fields of energy and denser fields. Then I work with your energy field to promote the shifts that are needed to heal. An expression my work in Quantum healing can be accessed here please click on to the bubbles below:




Vagus Nerve




Nerve Injury

Quantum Healing Session Details:

Each Quantum Healing session is approximately 60 minutes in length by phone. In-clinic sessions are 75 minutes in length. The 3 pack session option includes a free 15 minute ‘grounding’ recording to help you settle ‘into’ your body before sleep or meditation.

Please use ear buds rather than having your phone on ‘speaker’, since we need to hear each other clearly. All you need to do is sit or recline comfortably on a bed or in a chair with your head resting on a pillow. Cover yourself with a blanket according to the warmth and comfort you need. I expect you to stay conscious and aware during our session. If you become drowsy please tell me and we can take measures together to keep you awake. Falling asleep during session closes our essential line of communication that must be open for the session to succeed. After treatment, drink a glass of water, eat lightly, and don’t have any plans for the rest of your day! Except to journal, rest, and take it easy. I suggest that you have a pen and paper nearby to jot down notes afterward; the longer you wait you may forget pertinent details that are important to you. Note: calls may be recorded on request.

All Sessions
Cost: $160