Knee Injury, finding the origin

I reached out to Christina for distance healing with a knee injury that had persisted for well over 10 months and wouldn’t recover.
I am a very active person, love to mountain bike, hike and ski with my family. And this injury was very debilitating and I found myself really depressed.
We had a session of asking my knee what it needed to heal. The message was clear. Support! It needed to be wrapped.
During the session, the other knee highlighted first, the message was, this one was overcompensating. Then my injured knee highlighted in specific areas where the injury was located. I felt energy moving in those areas, a buzzing feeling and then weaving, like the muscle or tissue was being sewn up on the inside. It was quite surreal as I have never had a treatment like this before.
I got a treatment plan from Christina that involved grounding, stretching, wrapping my knee and rest. In 2 days it was much less swollen and sore. It keeps healing and I am so grateful for that. I feel my spirits lifting and more energy coming in. With Christina’s extensive knowledge of the body and anatomy this helped greatly with post care. She has developed her own unique style and its very effective.
She is skilled, intuitive, experienced and combines this with tremendous integrity.

Charlotte Skulbru

Releasing fascia through the Muskuloskeletal

I highly recommend Christina Haverkort who is a profoundly gifted long distance healer. She energetically facilitates the safe release of trauma embedded deep in the cells, fibers, fascia, and organs of the body without any emotional charge. I felt grounded with her as she activated white light from my crown down the spine into the root and  crystalline core of mother earth.  As I breathed in the life force I felt the energetic subtle release of tense fascial fibres, scar tissue, congestion, and postural strain slowly unwinding from my right lateral thigh, hip, sacroiliac joint, and pelvis moving up my entire spine due to previous dance injuries and lumbar disc herniation.  I am in so much gratitude for her care, spinal realignment and energetic healing work in the community!  

Mary Gillian Vellet”

Frozen Shoulder

I wanted to take a moment to say a “BIG” Thank you, to someone who went out of their way to help me out. About 5 months ago, my right shoulder suffered some pretty good trauma, and I was diagnosed with 4 tears in my tendon, aside from the extreme pain, I was suffering, inflammation, then set in, and I have basically lost the use of my right arm, for the past 3 months. As driving is a big part of my day, with, a 5 speed manual to boot, this was becoming very problematic for me. After months and months of listening to Doctors, while they did nothing for me, I went to someone, whom, I felt could really help me. Christina Haverkort, came to my rescue, and I am in awe of what has happened to me in 7 short days. This lady, knows her stuff, believe me, I now have at least 80% motion in my arm, with pain, no longer a real factor, at all. She is a Energy Healer, that worked with me over the phone, and within a very short period of time, I could actually feel marked improvement. I would tell anybody, that is suffering, to drop Christina Haverkort, a line, and just listen to what she has to say, you will not regret it. I am so appreciative, of her work, as she has really given me, my life back, in so many different aspects, and while I have also offered her some free P.I. work, lol, if she ever needs it, I don’t think I could ever truly repay her in full. So Chris, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, you are awesome!!!

Bruce, Oshawa, Ontario.  2016

Natural Induction

“We first met Christina (over the phone) 41 weeks into my first pregnancy. We had very specific hopes for the birth: we wanted a water birth at home with no unnecessary medical intervention. At 41 weeks our midwives were beginning to discuss the possibility of induction and at 41 ½ weeks this was starting to look more like a reality. Tension mounted as anxiety about the deadline and fear that there was something wrong with me began to grab hold. It was right about this time that we had our first energy session with Christina. I made myself comfortable on the couch, my husband lit some candles and we sat together with the phone on speaker and no idea what to expect. From BC (we are in Toronto) Christina began her practice. After a few minutes we began to feel very grounded, the anxieties faded and we could feel energy moving in waves with our breath. As the minutes went on these waves grew stronger and with the waves came contractions. These were the first real contractions of my pregnancy, they continued into the night and stopped. The next day we tried to repeat the process on our own and noticed the depth of focus we felt when working with Christina was difficult to achieve. By the third session with Christina I was in active labor! Although our midwife felt more comfortable having us birth in the hospital (being so far past our due date) no induction was necessary, I continued having strong contractions and I dilated fully on my own.

Experiencing distance healing with Christina was a moving and eye opening experience. We’re eager to explore energy work further and I’d recommend anyone in a similar situation to get in touch!”

Anthony & Kelsey, Ontario. 2017

Infection Cleared

I was never in tune with my energy field. I was introduced to the magnificent world of energy healing through Christina. When I first received a treatment from her, it was for the misalignment of my jaw. I’ve been born with once side of my jaw not sitting in the correct spot therefore creating a slight imbalance in my jaw line. Although its slight, it was still something that has bugged me for as long as I could remember. After seeing Christina for about 4 weeks I noticed such an amazing difference, and release of energy and discomfort I had from time to time. It was great, I began to feel better about my appearance and the progress we were making. Through the treatments I received, we determined there was a link between the gastritis and the jaw, and that it was correlated to a childhood trauma. Since working with her the gastritis symptoms have improved greatly as well.
A few months ago I pierced my nose. I have sensitive skin, so my nose wasn’t healing, it was actually getting worse as the days went by, puss, bubble, bleeding… I was so frustrated! I tried everything! Antibiotics, steroidal creams, tea tree oil, aspirin, almond and coconut oil, nothing helped! So once day I went to see my GP and he looked at my nose and said “..yeah you better take it out” I was so devastated, I’ve always wanted to have my nose pierced and I love piercings! So that day I went home and thought well what should I do? I then contacted Christina, asked for some energy work. Within an hour of receiving treatment, my nose was 50% more healed! I am not kidding it was awesome! With 2 more treatments of about 10 minutes each through distance, my nose healed completely! I cant stress enough how amazing this form of healing is. I’ve recommended it to everyone, I see results every time!
It is unbelievable how much moving energy works! Christina is so in-tune, so talented and so gifted in what she does, she is like a miracle worker! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the picture of progress of my nose.

Celina, Toronto  May 2016

Healing Energy

The Spiritual world came crashing into my life only a mere 4.5 yrs ago and yet it has completely shattered my original and very fixed beliefs about what life was!!! The word “energy” for me back then was simply something that allowed a light bulb to turn on. From my humble perspective now, I understand deeply that energy is simply, ALL THAT IS. We live in an infinite energetic soup of vibrating matter in the form of atoms and all these atoms are interacting all at once everywhere. So here we exist, in that soup, all connected at once. We certainly were not presented with this perspective as children and our society was not set up to look at life in terms of spirituality, self awareness, cosmic consciousness and harmony. This is all changing very quickly now. Our world as we know it is shifting to a higher awareness, an inner calling that is spreading the world over and everywhere you look, “Truth” is bursting forward.
I’ve known Christina for many years now and have had the honor to grow spiritually with her. Christina s inner flame burns very strong and she is committed to uncovering her own Eternal Self and sharing that with Mother Earth. The inner knowing which can only be felt, is felt deeply with Christina. With her Divine intuition, and education in metaphysics, Christina focuses and directs energy in the form of healing. It is very real, very powerful and I have felt those healing powers on several issues. My experience has been most intense with her. As soon as the session begins, my body is instantly charged with electricity and sensations which words fail to describe. This is a quantum Universe and if one focuses healing intention to allow for movement where the ailment exists, it will shift. Most recently with my knee after a snow shoeing incident. She has also assisted me in clearing painful emotional childhood blocks. This is the new wave of healing that will sweep the planet. I trust without a doubt in this modality. I would encourage anyone open to looking at healing from a holistic approach, to meet with Christina either in person or have a long distance healing.

Alan Rhyason, Vancouver, BC
April 2013


After working for 35 years in the health profession with 25 years of night shift I suffered from severe chronic insomnia with problems of falling asleep and staying asleep. My brain would not stop being active and I was extremely exhausted and started to experience pain all over. Trying out many different over the counter sleep medications holistic and chemical without any success . I was close to starting narcotics until I received a long distance treatment from Christina . She asked me how long I would like to sleep and what time. It has been months now and at 10 PM I am starting to get very sleepy and for years I did not even know how that felt. Now, I have received several treatments and my dangerous high blood pressure is more manageable and my overall energy is up . I am more in touch with my mind, body and spirit . Working through some emotional issues in the past has freed me to place my attention where it is more needed.
I am more spiritually aware and a new world I did not know existed opened up to me. Christina has treated me with compassion , understanding and respect and she has earned my utmost trust as an amazing talented professional healer and medium. I will be for ever grateful.
Ina Jekel, Palo Alto , California

Ina Jekel – Palo Alto, California – 2013

Nerve Dislocation

I broke my scaphoid bone in my wrist May 6th. Since then, bringing my hand up to my face to shave, caused excruciating pain, as well as limited movement and wearing a brace everyday for support. In August, Christina offered to help me out, she worked on my arm for roughly 15 minutes, holding it a few different positions, whatever she did, completely amazed me. Since then I have not worn my brace, can shave easily with no pain at all and I have a better range of motion.

Bill, 72, Stouffville, Ontario – May 2012

Natural Induction

I was in my 41st week of pregnancy in the middle of July – very uncomfortable and anxious to deliver. To add to my frustration, I had endured 6 hours of false labor, only to have it stop suddenly. I was scheduled to be induced two days later, and wanted to avoid as much medical intervention as possible. At around 4:30 pm, Christina worked with me to establish an intention to deliver within the 12 hours following our session. To my surprise, I experienced a contraction 15 minutes into our session. At 8 pm, my labor began in earnest, and my son was born at 2:30 am, within the 12 hour window that Christina and I were working towards. Thank you, Christina!

Michelle Martin-Rhee, Ontario,  August  2012

Post Laproscopy Surgery

Christina has helped me in distance treatments over the phone. Most recent was after a Laproscopy operation, I was in considerable pain and discomfort, shortly after. With Laproscopy, Carbon dioxide (CO2) is put into the abdomen through a special needle that is inserted just below the navel, this gas is removed afterwards but, there was some remaining as Christina suggested that is causing the extra bloating pain. When she started to work on me I felt the gases moving dramatically, the end result after 20 minutes was released gases. I felt very relaxed and only feeling the tenderness after surgery and not all extra discomfort and pain. In the work I have done with Christina, she exhibits meduimship qualities and amazing healing abilities.

Jackie Bryant, Vancouver, June  2012

Fractured Ribs

I had 3 compound fractured ribs and multiple rib fractures after a mountain bike crash. My doctors told me that it would be 8-10 weeks before my bones would be healed enough to ride again. Within a few days after the accident, Christina said the sooner she works on me the better, to aid in a speeder recovery. With physiotherapy and rest by day, combined with Christina’s work, she was an instrumental part of my healing, six weeks after my bike crash, I was riding on the trails again!! I highly recommend her as a healer. Christina’s generosity, work ethic, kindness and knowledge make her a unique and effective practitioner.

Christina Notes: “During the treatment I felt the worst fracture was behind the left shoulder blade, with a bone spur protruding, I was able to tuck the spur back to the rib and repair the surrounding fascia”.

Stacey, Squamish, BC 2008

Chronic Shoulder Pain

I recently met Christina, I had mentioned to her about my chronic shoulder pain that keeps me up at night. I have been to the doctor a few times, them unable to diagnose the problem and medication, suggested is hard on my liver over long term use. Christina, did one hands on treatment and two hands off, actually while, she was driving. Within 6 minutes the pain and discomfort was completely gone, I was amazed! The third treatment she suggested going into my rotator cuff (where most of the pain was situated), I felt different frequencies of energy, from heat to coolness, she intended on fixing the problem, since then I have not used any pain med’s and I sleep great at night. I have not experienced the re-occurring pain like I did before. This work is truly amazing- I would recommend Christina’s healing treatments, because they are a better alternative than pain medication.

A.L., Newmarket, Ont  2014

Pain in the Neck

“Christina wasn’t the first energy healer to work with the ‘pain in my neck’ but she was certainly the most effective. After many years and much effort which managed only to keep the headaches at bay and the pain under control. Christina came in and in two sessions pulled out the pain center and got the healing process underway. Her work is done on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. Each day that goes by I feel my neck and spine growing stronger and the emotional crap that went with the injury is healing too. It is an amazing privilIege to experience her work she has an uncommon gift and the ability to use it well.”

A.M., Toronto, ON

Treating Concussion over Distance

“I suffered a concussion while snowboarding, the impact affected my neck, back and hip. Christina worked on me by distance. After the initial grounding, I instantly felt heat in my head, I was so determined to heal, I began to open up white light energy to disperse the heat. I could see grey and then it began to bubble-up until the white light came. By this time, all was feeling good, then my body highlighted the next area to work with, my lower spine was warming up. Christina said, she was working on a spinal alignment, the sensations I was feeling were crazy cool. My knees and buttocks were beaming with heat then I was feeling a blockage in my top vertebrae behind my ear. I felt the energy work through my right shoulder blade, neck and I felt my jaw adjust near the end. I was completely amazed with the power of energy, Christina, amazes me.”

Kathryn Jones,
Trenton, Ontario

The Power of Grounding

“It has been my honor to call Christina both my healer and my friend for many years. Being an energy healer myself, I understand how powerful and profound Christina’s work is. She not only understands how the body is composed of in different energy fields and layers but also is skilled in accessing, scanning and directing energetic flows in order to release blockages and support energy pathways. Her passion is focusing on pioneering new ways to teach her clients how they can read their own bodies and move energy in order to heal and feel better. When Christina has assisted me during in person sessions or distantly over the phone, I come away feeling in ‘awe’ to what I experienced, as her work is very subjective. She will help you ground and always gets to the cause of the issue whether it be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. I highly recommend Christina to both those familiar or new to energy healing. Her unique style of working with our energetic bodies will have you vibrating at a higher frequency for sure!”

Denise Exler

Spiritual Healer

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Abdominal Pain Resolved in 30 Mins

“I am a certified healing practitioner, age 69; and a healing colleague and close personal friend of Christina Haverkort. Over the 12 months of the 2020 pandemic, I bore witness to Christina creating a series of remarkable podcasts, and conducting research and exploration into a level of energy healing far deeper than anything we touched upon as students of Integrative Energy Healing. Christina and I also trade distance-healing sessions. I have experienced several uncomfortable and sometimes quite painful health issues this past year, and Christina has worked on me multiple times. For one of these phone sessions I was in a lot of abdominal and groin pain for over a week. With Christina working on me for no more than 30 minutes, my body identified to me all the organs and tissue that was related to the gut issue, as Christina worked on me with my full attention working with her, the pain was 100% resolved! I’ve had a lot of energy work over the years, and have done a lot of it, but this was my first experience with fast, total relief from pain and the gut issue was resolved by morning. In other phone sessions she has guided me through her process of Body Referencing, which has provided answers to questions I’ve had about my ailments and enabled me to start resolving them. I’ve found this extraordinarily helpful.

Christina’s field of knowledge keeps expanding as she further explores the deep realm of body awareness. At times I’m in awe of her work; she is excelling in a field that is destined to become part of our mainstream health system. When that day comes, Christina Haverkort will be a true leader; a key figure in the progress that lies ahead of us all.
I am very proud of Christina, and proud to be her friend.”

Christine Buckham,
Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner
Certified Reiki Practitioner
Certified Shamanic Practitioner
Caregiver specializing in dementia care

Cleared Blocks, Repaired & Rebalanced

“My personal experience with Energetic healing with Christina Haverkort has never been anything, but positive. Through Christina and her energetic healing abilities, I have cleared blocks in my energy field, repaired and rebalanced emotional energy.
Energetic healing has helped me to identify “issues” that had manifested as pain in my physical body and countless emotional memories that I seemed unable to access on my own, however, I knew I needed to work through and heal in order to bring my life into balance.

By working with my energy system Christina has been able to access all levels of my mind, body and spirit and achieve healing and clarity.
Christina can intuitively connect to a location, energy block or where imbalance is occurring, and then energetically guide me through what I need to do to clear or heal that blockage.

Every treatment is different. Sometimes, it is as simple as helping me ground in order to regain focus and release debilitating stress; to boosting energy systems to encourage the repair and clearing work to occur.

I think a large part of my success to this form of treatment is because I trust Christina and therefore I am always open to her energy and will relax and comfortably meditate during the treatment stage, allowing for deep healing to occur at an unconscious level.
Sometimes; I sense the flow of energy running through my body and other times I experience clarity to thoughts, memories or release of emotional debris.

I tend to immediately feel an improvement after my treatment, and yet will continue to experience the energetic change over several days as I actually “process” and clear “stuff” on an unconscious level I think, as a result of the energetic changes.

As far as how often one needs a treatment is an interesting question. For me, I am a business owner and find little space to relax in my schedule, yet Christina’s treatments help me so much that they remain a priority in my life. It’s like a mini weekly holiday that I always look forward to.

I have known Christina Haverkort for several years She is a woman of great integrity and authenticity. She lives her beliefs and remains passionate about her incredible healing. I would absolutely recommend her.

Robyn Eve Haughton
The Connecting Link

Healing Past Traumas

“I am pleased to write this for Christina Haverkort, who did energy healing work with me for 5 weeks at Pender Clinic, Vancouver, BC in Apr/May ’09.

I had been trying to heal myself from past issues for years and nothing worked until I began to receive energy healing treatments from Christina. When registering for this treatment at the Clinic I was somewhat skeptical.

However, experiencing this energy in the first session was amazing and combined with Christina’s talk therapy and vast knowledge of the body and emotional work, I learned more from her in 5 weeks than years of study. She actually taught me how to work with my own body and feelings so I could do the emotional work myself.

She got to the roots of things immediately where other counselors hadn’t. With a quick mind, articulate speech and an ability to key in to her clients’ needs, she really has a special gift for healing, as well as teaching the tools people need in order to carry on the work themselves.

I have no doubt Christina will help many people and I wish her every success.”

Kim, Vancouver, BC 2009

Hair Growth

“When I was 18 years old, I had a brain tumor removed, I was left with a very large bald area on my head, long after intense radiation treatment. I’ve been shaving my head ever since, and though I’ve come to accept and love my bald head, there has always been a part of me that longed for a ponytail! Doctors said that I’d likely not grow hair because the radiation kills hair growth cells and that even transplants wouldn’t work. Christina Haverkort and I came into contact with each other, and I’d heard of her abilities with energy therapy. This is something that I have been familiar with and am very open to. We began a series of treatments, I started to notice a difference in the first few treatments and now 4 months later, I have noticed a considerable amount of new hair growth! Surely it has been a combination of these treatments, becoming self aware and putting my own intentions and energy into growing my hair for the first serious time in 5 years, but Christina’s positive and direct energy and care has had a great impact on my hair growth, and my life! These treatments have given me new found hope as far as the possibility of growing my hair again, which I hadn’t seriously considered before. Thank you for everything Christina!”

J.P, Vancouver, BC – 2007

Mental Heath

In studying energy work with Christina, I have learned to ground myself, enabling me to deal better with stressful situations, hypo-manic states and addictions. Christina’s field is grounding, loving, filled with movement and truly inspired! Christina has liberated the healing essence in me. She has also been a witness to my life situation enabling me to see clearly the reality I was creating, allowing me to take proactive steps to alter my life’s course for the better and for that I will be eternally grateful

K.R. Brampton, Ontario  2010