Many of us have pondered the existential questions such as the purpose of life and our place in the grander scheme. For me, these questions have been a constant source of curiosity in my early age. Why is there life? What is my role in this world? Is there a deeper meaning to our existence beyond the physical realm? I believe that our life’s purpose extends far beyond our physical bodies. It’s about delving deep within ourselves to discover the superhuman, multidimensional beings that we truly are.

Since childhood, I’ve been conscious of my spirituality and inherent talents, including intuition, psychic abilities, reading photographs, and sensing energy. I often encounter spirits throughout my life, seeing, hearing, or feeling their presence.

In 1996, I underwent a life-altering Kundalini awakening that profoundly shifted my spiritual perceptions and decision-making process. This experience reinforced my desire for freedom and self-sufficiency, leading me to consciously choose a life outside the norm. I prioritized independence, aiming to be self-employed and free from the confines of a traditional 9-5 job. This decision was driven by my need to travel, expand my awareness, and explore the energy within myself.


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Growing up in Markham, Ontario, with immigrant parents from Holland, I was influenced by my father’s entrepreneurial spirit and my mother’s dedication to family while assisting in his business ventures. Since 1988, I’ve been attentive to my dreams, recognizing them as reflections of my present reality and creations. Understanding that inner wounds from my childhood and relationships shape us, I’ve felt compelled to spend my life exploring and healing. These life experiences have molded me into the person I am today, guiding me on a journey of self-discovery and healing.





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“It was during this time, I began to understand that I was embarked on a journey of far greater magnitude than I had ever imagined, opening myself up to a significantly heightened awareness of consciousness as we know it.”

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In 1995, I made a significant move to the west coast, seeking a deeper connection with myself and drawn to the beauty of the ocean and mountains. Travel became my means of self-exploration, and I developed a passion for exercise in my teens and extreme sports followed, finding solace in the natural highs of endorphins and adrenaline. Engaging in activities like sky diving, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing became integral to my lifestyle, despite the inevitable injuries they brought. Whistler mountain bike park held a special place in my heart as a favorite destination for riding.

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In 2006, I embarked on a transformative journey by enrolling in a four-year continuing education program focused on energy healing. Taking this direction was the initiative of ‘spirit’ showing me through feeling to change my direction of work. This comprehensive program delved into shamanic traditions, ceremonial work, healing touch, and a range of bodywork techniques such as cranio-sacral therapy, unwinding, and myofascial therapies. The teachings were enhanced by immersive experiences, including frequent fire ceremonies set in serene forest and lake settings. Despite working in an unrelated field, I remained deeply connected to the transformative power of healing, which continued to influence my chosen path forward.

Throughout my life, I’ve faced multiple concussions, and it’s only with hindsight that I’ve come to realize the profound connections these injuries have to the brain and the central nervous system. This understanding has empowered me to navigate my own healing journey more effectively and has equipped me with valuable insights to assist others in their healing processes. The first concussion occurring in 1998 followed by others in 2015 and 2021, each accompanied by cervical spine injuries. The severity of these injuries, particularly the rotation of two cervical vertebrae by 11 degrees during the second concussion, led to years of healing and provided valuable insights into identifying similar injuries in my massage therapy practice. In addition to concussions, I’ve endured stitches, fractures, dislocations, and various sprains and strains, including a near-death experience in the 2021 accident. Despite the trauma, these experiences have been educational, offering profound lessons in understanding the intricate connection between the physical body and the energy field.

Through years of practicing energy healing on both myself and others, I’ve developed a profound sensitivity to perceiving and feeling energy as it moves within the body. This journey has granted me invaluable knowledge and understanding of the workings of energy. In energy healing, the premise is that it operates from the inside out, allowing for deep transformation and healing. I consider myself fortunate to have the ability to work on myself through the energy field, as it serves as a primary source of my teachings and insights.

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