Undoubtedly, the universe operates in extraordinary and mysterious ways. I have always been a sensitive individual, and during my teenage years, my psychic abilities were particularly pronounced. I recall being able to connect with the energies of people and make accurate predictions about their futures. When my abilities were revealed, I was taken aback by the precision of my insights. I have the ability to discern information about people by examining their photographs, with a particular emphasis on their eyes. Additionally, I continue to have a heightened awareness of perceiving the presence of spirits in the places I visited or in my immediate surroundings.

My more conscious exploration of spirituality truly began when I turned 25. It was at this point in my life that I felt a compelling need to delve into the universe of energy within us and to seek a deeper understanding of existence beyond the physical plane. In 1996, when I was 30 years old, I had a transformative spiritual experience that marked the awakening of my Kundalini energy. This profound encounter opened my eyes to what I have come to term the “innerverse” – the intricate world of energy that resides within me.

This encounter made me keenly aware of the energetic universe that resides within all of us. As the Kundalini energy continued to work through me over the years, I received messages of complete knowing and unwavering certainty, never subject to doubt. The universal field seemed to guide me toward the people I needed to meet and the experiences I had to have for my own spiritual growth. These experiences, in particular, tended to coincide with times when I was meant to travel. For instance, I was provided with the exact month of departure, even though I didn’t yet know my destination. I held trust in the universe’s ability to provide, and it consistently did.

“It was during this time, I began to understand that I was embarked on a journey of far greater magnitude than I had ever imagined, opening myself up to a significantly heightened awareness of consciousness as we know it.”


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While pursuing a career in an unrelated field, I dedicated myself to meditation and delved into metaphysical studies. Regular Reiki and energy work sessions became a fundamental part of my routine. I paid close attention to my dreams at night, using them to navigate my spiritual journey. My spiritual beliefs remain open to the existence of a higher power beyond our physical existence. I’ve always believed that there’s more to life than just our physical bodies, and I’ve been preparing to explore the depths of my existence as a spiritual being.

Another turning point in my spiritual evolution happened in 2006. I had my first encounter with a higher spiritual intelligence. Understanding the full scope of what I had seen and experienced, and how it was shaping me, took some time. They activated my ‘Qi” Life Force Energy, practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi, comes naturally to me, I am able to harness this powerful energy and use it as a medium in my healing practice. While participating in the Shamanic program at the time, working on classmates, I realized quickly that energy flows at the speed of thought and breath, creating changes in the field were done effortlessly. It became evident that I was being gently guided onto a profound path, one meant to assist others in their inner healing journeys. For many years now, when I tune into the universal field of energy, information is channeled to me instantaneously in response to my inquiries, or is revealed in meditation.

In 2021, I faced a year and a half of health challenges that had been building up since 2018. I have always been very active in my day to day life, getting regular exercise and exploring the mountainous surroundings. With a pre-existing asthma diagnosis in my twenties, pneumonia had manifested in my lungs. I found myself in a worsening health condition. I spent the year tirelessly seeking a diagnosis for my deteriorating health.

I began losing weight rapidly, realizing the liver, responsible for filtering everything that enters the body, needed urgent attention. The multiple antibiotic prescriptions for lung infections had taken a significant toll. Traditional eastern medicine suggests a connection between the liver and lungs, which made me prioritize restoring my liver health. Once I stabilized my liver and healed my gut biome, I faced the longer journey of rehabilitating my lungs. I was out of breath just walking up a slight incline. when previously I was able to climb mountains.

In this same challenging year, I took an opportunity to participate in a tandem paragliding experience, driven by my love for flight and high adrenalin sports. Unfortunately, the experience took a dangerous turn, I chose to override what my body was saying, not to do this, I was in my head. It turned out to be a botched take-off which knocked me unconscious on the mountain, I narrowly escaped death. I sustained multiple soft tissue injuries, a concussion, neck and spinal injuries, and even a hairline fracture in my skull. On my drive home, I scanned my energy field, my body showed me every single area that was injured.

The following year in In March of 2022, still suffering complications of the concussion and injuries sustained in the accident along with compromised lungs and liver. I really needed healing from a much higher level than what I could do on my own. So I called source, and divine energy. As this golden white light energy entered my room that evening I could feel the largest most compelling healing energy  radiating.This divine energy started on my liver first and each night for 7 nights I was being healed on a different organ or area of my body. By the ninth day, I could hike up a mountain with no need for a puffer or any breathing difficulties.
This incredible healing experience, guided by divine light and Soul energy, has forever changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.




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How I Work

An abundance of information is contained within the human energy field (HEF). My journey has involved not just comprehending what I’ve personally seen, felt, and sensed but, more significantly, understanding what my clients and colleagues have experienced during our collaborative work. My background in anatomy, pathology, and physiology has equipped me to grasp not only the anatomical aspects but also the energetic dimensions of these systems.
One of the most captivating revelations within the energy field has been my exploration of the Vagus Nerve. Over the years, I’ve consistently been shown how ‘energy’ manifests, undergoes transformation, shifts, and flows within this field, and I’ve learned to interpret the significance of its presence both within and beyond the physical body.
What has become evident through my journey is the fundamental principle of polarity. Any disturbance in the negatively charged or positively charged fields can lead to an imbalance in the body.

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Through the study of the energy field, we can pinpoint the origins of most injuries or issues in the body. The field can guide us to the areas in need of attention and healing. Our bodies possess their own innate healing systems. In our sessions, we can explore various aspects together, including:
• The energy anatomy of the Vagus Nerve to identify areas where trauma is stored, and work collaboratively to release and transform it.
• The endocrine and hormonal systems to assess the strength or weakness of specific glands, and then work to restore balance and replenish lost energy.
• The subconscious mind, where we can initiate the process of erasing negative thought patterns, providing support to construct a stronger, healthier framework rooted in self-love and appreciation.
• Identifying weak Chakras and the thought patterns or traumas that are affecting them, and together, we work on transforming that energy to fortify the energy center.
• Delving into the Qi field of energy within the body to discern any imbalances in the Yin or Yang aspects and then taking steps to restore equilibrium.
By shifting polarity, we can significantly alleviate pain. Living in a balanced and grounded body holds immense value, forming a vital component of Mind-Body-Earth medicine.

Areas of Study:

  • Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Healing Touch
  • Theta Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Iridology
  • Crystology
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Osteopathic Technique
  • Registered Massage Therapy

The majority of my knowledge has been gleaned through years of hands-on clinical practice and my innate ability to tap into my own energy field. These fields of study have acted as a conduit to access my inner wisdom, deepening my understanding and expanding my awareness. While I have had the privilege of learning from teachers in various domains of study, it is the realm of energy that has consistently been my most profound and enduring teacher. This realization has been solidified through countless years of practical experience, gained with every individual I’ve had the honor to work with, whether in-person or through my distance healing practice.

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