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My journey into energy medicine began in my early thirties, and became more certain when I had my first initiation, or key life passage, during a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. After that happened everything began to open up for me spiritually. Spirit guided me into directions I needed to explore, to expand my wings, and traveling was one of those things; a gift that gave me greater confidence in my self and personal growth.


I felt most at home with myself traveling alone by backpack, through much of Canada and to far out destinations away from cities, exploring ancient ruins in South America and South East Asia. In my mid-twenties I traveled all of Europe. Traveling, for me, was a way to deepen my relationship with my self and being ‘alone’ away from my busy day-to-day life.


In childhood I was very sensitive to energy in general, extremely perceptive to seeing, feeling and experiencing energy, which even then I could sense came from the spiritual realm. I also have the gift of clairvoyance. I have often seen spirits in homes I’ve visited, in ancient sacred sites, and at other times unexpectedly, if there’s a spirit on the property or in a place where I’m staying, I often feel, see or hear their presence. One of the most fascinating experiences was when I saw a shape-shifter, an animal turn into its spirit self, on native land in the interior of British Columbia. Over time, I’ve become more comfortable with this gift and have learned to trust it.


Throughout my life, I have always paid attention to my dreams due to their way of connecting me to channeled messages, or answers that I was seeking. I’ve always found that this route helped me understand myself and what I was creating or what was being created in my current reality. I went through a time of ‘survival’ where I was questioning the meaning of life, my purpose here and why is their ‘life’, and how did we get here? All those answers have since, been answered. In that time, I found myself struggling with being ‘in’ my physical body and wanting to spend more time in my spiritual body. But really what was happening is, I was in my head too much and I wasn’t ‘in’ my body.

My struggle with staying in, and with, my physical body led me into the engagement of extreme sports. I loved the feeling of how much closer they brought me to a sense of being in ‘heaven’, right here on earth, feeling that natural high as the adrenalin coursing through my body mingled with endorphins.


In my earlier day-to-day life I felt continually drawn to energy medicine. During my eventual studies in this field, it was primarily through energy healing that I could finally heal much of the emotional trauma from my past. As an extra-sensitive child I have been affected by the energy of other people in my sphere, sensitive to how they were feeling. I have theorized that this level of sensitivity stems from my time in utero. I suspect that my mother suffered high levels of stress during her pregnancy with me. I was a breach birth, seemingly unready to face the world; and throughout my life I’ve always found it difficult to cope with stress.


Christina Haverkort Healer
Christina Haverkort Healer

Many of us learn the life lesson that the relationship we have with ourselves is our most valuable and important one. There are in fact five relationships we have with ourselves: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic. Our umbrella is our spiritual body, which envelops all the others. When you heal yourself using energy medicine, you’re treating each of your bodies simultaneously. This in part is what makes the experience so effective and fulfilling; it addresses all of you, all levels of you, at once.

When I enrolled in an integrative energy medicine program in Vancouver BC in 2006, it was quickly clear that I was in the right place at the perfect time. Right away I was making the energy connections easily and quickly, fully aware I could move energy through breath and thought. Of course, as with every new venture, time is needed to develop skills and a practiced hand; I was thrilled to be learning this new life skill and simply needed time for practice. Inherently I knew that this was not the first time for me. The years that followed encompassed frequent personal work and hurdles of growth and I became more adaptable to quick changes and to stress; my frequent travels helped greatly. I didn’t know myself well at all back then, but I do now.

The energetic anatomy of the body is divinely organized. Looking at the body through the human energy field, we engage with a realm that rules with unconditional love; the realm of Spirit. The framework for my work in energy medicine consists of grounding and light. Grounding is of primary importance, because it is the foundation of energy work and meditation practices. I have found the concept of grounding to be missing in various other teachings.

Grounding is essentially the practice of connecting oneself to Earth’s immense field of energy in order to create a deep foundation with which to work with energy, this is how I do it, although there are limitless ways to work with energy. At the start of each session I begin by anchoring myself, then my client, deeply into Earth’s magnetic field. The experience of this is visceral; once they achieve this heavy weightedness they are connected.

Establishing this strong and valued connection engages every layer of the energy body: physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual and the layers that exist in the periphery of every human energy field. Making this connection to the earth opens us to Her channel of light, which consistently emanates from within. My years of meditations, plus countless photographs and videos have confirmed for me that this divine light does in fact emanate from within the Earth. 

The most important thing I teach is the great value of conscious connection to your body and to the earth; it is this mind-body-earth conduit that enables you to open a channel of light from your God Consciousness, connecting to the pineal gland and call upon your heart; a circuitous procedure that induces a flow of energy back into the planet. This creates the Torus Field. This is my work. As a sensitive, I channel information that flows to me via meditations, dreams, intuition, imagery, and messages. Tapping into the Torus field’s high frequency light sustains my work at the quantum level with clients who have reached advanced stages in their healing journeys.

Christina Haverkort Healer
Christina Haverkort Healer