Nerve Injury

By Christina Haverkort September 2020

nerve injuryNerves travel in close proximity to the bones and joints. Thus, a fracture or dislocation can potentially damage a nerve, which will compound the overall injury. As the fracture or dislocation itself is painful and distressing, the presence of a nerve injury may not be immediately recognised. Each nerve injury is unique, and when it is not the primary injury, it can in some cases be a traumatized nerve that is still poorly aligned after the fracture it was involved with has repaired itself. In this client’s case, I suspected that his nerve injury was likely a misguided nerve, or, a case of displacement. This gentleman had broken his wrist; it had healed after 6 weeks in a cast but left him with 3 months of unrelenting pain especially when he lifted his wrist to his face to shave. So he wore a wrist brace to support his wrist, hoping it would help. I bumped into him one day and seeing the wrist brace, I asked about it. I suspected that his issue might be a misplaced nerve, and offered to help him. It took all of ten minutes; I tapped into his energy field and transmitted to his body the need for it to create a vibration that would move the nerve back into its correct position. The man’s pain disappeared immediately, and he has been free of pain ever since and no need for the brace!