Spiritual Development

“We are all part of a universal field of Energy, with multiple fields of energy within that field, activating those fields is what I teach.


Spiritual Development

Workshop Series


We are inherently powerful beings, composed of energy and equipped with numerous energy centers. Exploring and understanding these centers allows us to recognize our true potential.


We live in a world where conflicts persist, and control often prevails at the expense of individual rights and freedoms, external stressors can anchor you in lower-dimensional energies. External influences, driven by fear, division, separation, grief, strife, anxiety, and depression, contribute to these lower vibrational states.

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However, delving into your inner world, into the realm of energy and connecting with your spirit within you, provides the grounding necessary for survival beyond the confines of the third and fourth dimensions. By exploring and exercising your energetic essence, you can transcend the limitations of the third and fourth dimensions, by elevating your vibration to embrace higher dimensions. This internal exploration becomes a powerful tool for personal transformation and resilience in the face of external challenges.


In my workshops, the focus is on fortifying and nurturing the fundamental elements that make up your being. This journey is an exploration of self, a discovery of your unique composition and the energetic gifts that reside within you. Each individual possesses distinctive energetic qualities, and these workshops provide the opportunity to intimately acquaint yourself with the essence of your energy.

Embracing this process means stepping into your authenticity, recognizing and sharing the gifts that define you. It’s a revelation of your human/spiritual meaningful and purposeful existence. This workshop serves as a guide for individuals to unlock their inner potential thus, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and the broader cosmos within.

Workshops will be held both in person and on-line.
Starts: Monday April 29th 2024 7:20 pm sharp on ZOOM. Introductory offer only on this course runs for 4 weeks. $39.00 plus tax per class.

To register or book a short consult, please email first before paying below: christina@healingcurrent.com or healingcurrent@gmail.com

The first workshop of 4 classes is designed to ‘build’ your ‘spiritual field of energy’ by helping you bridge the gap between your inner and outer world. The foundation of your physical and energetic self starts with the ROOT Chakra. Characteristics of a balanced Root chakra are; Focus and presence, feeling stable and secure, a healthy survival instinct, dependability, a sense of belonging, feeling grounded and connected to yourself and others, an ability to care for yourself with a drive to live. Each Class:

  • An introduction and  topic theory
  • Followed by a guided meditation energy session that helps you establish and activate the energy of the power center we are working with.

By helping you locate and activate these life force energies within you, you can move into your highest potential and discover your innate gifts to help yourself, or your clients or to expand your energy awareness and knowledge.




Workshop 1:The Importance of Grounding

This transformative workshop focuses on understanding the Earth’s magnetic field and your own magnetic field, fostering a deep connection between your essence and the Earth’s energies. Through guided exercises, participants will enter a profoundly grounded state, exploring both the physical and spiritual realms of energy depicted through geometric shapes, akin to Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man. The workshop offers a tangible experience where participants merge their Mind, Body, and Spirit into ‘One’. It emphasizes practical techniques to integrate grounding practices into daily life, enabling individuals to initiate a conscious connection with the Earth and cultivate spiritual richness within themselves.

This is the most important workshop you will take as this is a tangible experience where you’ll learn to navigate and leverage the Earth’s magnetic forces to enhance your spiritual awareness. This workshop is not just an exploration of energy; it’s a practical guide to integrate grounding practices into your daily life. By the end of our time together, you’ll possess the tools to initiate a conscious connection with the Earth, quiet your mind, and cultivate a rich spiritual experience within the sanctuary of your own body.

Workshop 2: The Rainbow Body

This class delves into the traditional seven chakras, which represent energy centers in the body, each linked to unique meanings, elements, and colors. Theoretical insights will be provided on these chakras, followed by a guided meditation incorporating all 12 chakras. The discussion will also cover the role of Elements in shaping one’s energetic being. Participants are encouraged to energetically connect with each chakra’s distinct energy field, fostering a deeper understanding and body awareness of these power centers. Additionally, the class offers an opportunity to learn about the polarity of each chakra, emphasizing the activation of energy through positive and negative charges for movement and manifestation.


Workshop 3: Life Force Energy the Chi

Welcome to “Life Force Energy ~ The Ocean Of Qi” class, where we delve into the fascinating realm of Qi, also known as chi or ki. This powerful energy field is a focal point of my regular work with both personal and client well-being. Our exploration begins with entering the flow of Qi energy, specifically delving into the fields of Yin and Yang energy.
Yin energy, embodying the sacred feminine, gracefully circulates through the entire left side of your body. On the other hand, Yang energy, representing the sacred masculine, flows through the right side. Each side encapsulates a distinct polarity, and we will dive deeper into understanding these energetic dynamics.
You’ll have the opportunity through the guided meditation to decipher where your energy may be blocked on each side, then move energy through that area, the final destination is combining both the yin and the yang into the center of your Qi energy.

We will be exploring:

1) Polarity

2)Vortexes/flows of Energy

3) Elements

4) God Consciousness, Soul and Chi Locations

An opportunity to explore your an energy exercise of a group choice.


Workshop 4: The Heart & Pineal Gland

The brain-heart connection, recognized in academic circles, involves two potent positively charged energy centers. Associated with the emotional/limbic system, these centers allow for decision-making beyond cognitive processes by integrating input from the heart.
Contrary to conventional belief, the heart is viewed not as a pump but as a complex energy vortex fueled by its own energy field. The Pineal gland, situated in the brain’s sixth chakra and referred to as the “third eye,” serves as an energetic gateway between light and darkness, regulating serotonin and melatonin balance. Both the heart and Pineal gland strive for equilibrium, emphasizing reciprocity and balance in energy exchange. This workshop series delves into exploring the heart Chakra and the Pineal gland, separately and in conjunction, guiding participants to connect with their inner light and the universal God consciousness. Through a guided meditation, participants are led to activate the Pineal gland’s light receptors, tapping into divine consciousness and grounding this energy through the heart and into the Earth. This transformative experience aims to empower individuals, leaving them charged, energized, and more deeply connected to their hearts, equipped with a personal guidance system for continued growth.

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