Distance Energy Healing


How can distance energy healing, work for you?

“In my distance energy healing practice, I engage with Earth Energies by tuning into the earth’s energy through the vertical axis that extends beyond the body from the root Chakra. This axis serves as a conduit to the earth energies, as the Earth itself is a beacon of light. Within this energy of the earth, there exists a balance of positive and negative charges, serving as a transmitter of vitality, The Earth is there for our health and refueling of energy.

Grounding ourselves energetically in this way connects us to the spirit within our bodies. It is through this connection to spirit that healing work manifests. By aligning with the earth’s energy and tapping into its inherent power, we facilitate a profound connection to the essence of life itself, allowing for transformative healing experiences. The overall sensation people feel is a deep sense of calm and peace.”


Advanced Healing

Distance Energy Healing


In essence, our bodies possess inherent intelligence that extends beyond our understanding. Within the realm of working with multiple fields of energy in the body, it is certain that energy manifests with shape, form, and intelligence, leading us into the quantum field.

“In my practice, I employ a method where I scan your body’s energy field on multiple fields such as emotional, physical, nervous system etc., intuitively sensing and feeling the location of the current issues, within myself.

I recognize that the body and the brain are interconnected; what manifests in the body often reflects the state of the central nervous system and its connection to the brain. This is more advanced work I am working on.

My practice delves into the intricate relationship between bodily sensations and memory storage, particularly through the Vagus nerve. Understanding this connection enables me to address various issues such as anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, chronic pain, depression, and reproductive issues, the list goes on. Each issue is tied to specific memories or traumas that are localized within both the body and the brain, within the central nervous system via the Vagus nerve. By acknowledging and addressing these connections, I strive to promote healing.”


We are multidimensional beings composed of various energy fields, not solely limited to chakras. This is not just a perspective, most people at some point or another, acknowledge an interconnectedness within our collective consciousness. Despite the spiritual understanding of these concepts over centuries, science has yet to reach a consensus on how energy healing therapies operate, as science primarily focuses on the physical body. This discrepancy highlights the gap between scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom, emphasizing the need for a broader perspective that integrates both realms.

“The mainstream education typically neglects to emphasize our spiritual nature or connection to higher intelligence. Instead, it prioritizes Darwin’s theory of evolution, which portrays our ancient history as primitive. However, this viewpoint is inaccurate, it overlooks the depth of our spiritual essence and our potential connection to higher realms of consciousness.”


“The goal of energy healing is to restore the balance of energy in the body to support the mental, emotional and physical well-being. By restoring the flow of energy and harmonizing the energetic system, the body can find balance again, but how exactly does this work and why?”


To fully heal the specific issue, the memory has to rise from the subconscious body, be recognized, and realized that the body is holding on to this specific memory. This may not be a conscious memory. The body holds on to memories that we don’t consciously remember. The blueprint of that issue is locked in the brain via the central nervous system through the Vagus nerve.The Vagus nerve plays an integral role in healing trauma, it holds the memory through the 12 cranial nerve system. The unique advantage of healing through the energy field is when properly facilitated when a memory arises, it is not accompanied by any emotions.


The Quantum field, is the universal energy field. it is the invisible field of energy where all information exists beyond the time-space-continuum. Working directly with this field, exhibits self-identifying information that helps me understand the nature of the current issue at hand.


Some topics that can be covered in a session include:


  • Body Scan
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Depression
  • Engaging the Chi Life Force Energy
  • Balancing the Yin and the Yang Energy
  • Finding the origin of a current health issue
  • Manage Stress, by connecting through the Earth Energies
  • Endocrine System Balance
  • Exploring the Vagus Nerve
  • Release Trauma
  • Reduce Pain and Inflammation
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • Process Negative thinking patterns
  • Releasing cords of attachment
  • Stop Grinding and Clenching
  • Injury Healing find origin, weakness, strengthen

Plus much much more…


What happens during a session:

  • You will be guided into a deeply-grounded state connecting with the earth’s energies, in this place your mind and body achieve enhanced coherence and communication.
  • The line of communication is open between us, I work with you in your field of energy decipher what your body needs.
  • Includes a follow-up check in, post treatment.


One of the key principles of distance healing is it is not a barrier to healing, its more powerful and provides an accuracy for the work to unfold.



Working with you virtually:

We are all connected through an electromagnetic field of energy, through the Heart, and the universal field above and below. Energy travels in waves, light, sound. Both the ‘Earths’ field and the body’s field of energy are made up of a kaleidoscope of color and light, this creates the frequency needed to achieve the connection.

Light is the most infinite power and travels in waves, and all electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed. Think about ocean waves, they are created by energy passing through water, from ripples to waves, they intensify as they move closer to land. Prayer, thought, works similarly, its about putting out the intention. The human heart’s energy field acts as a transmitter and the distance between, creates a field whereby a higher frequency can be achieved.

One-to-One Virtual

(45-60 mins)

E-transfer optional
Cost: $111