The ‘Energetic Earth’


Welcome! My work as an energy medicine practitioner emphasizes the profound significance of our inherent connection to the ‘Energetic Earth’. I highlight our innate ability to connect to this magnetic field through the vertical axis located at the base of the spine or the Vivaxis terminal located at the sacral area within our bodies. These centers hold the energy that binds us to the Earth’s magnetic field, offering a crucial pathway for healing through the human energy field.

“Grounding” through these conduits serve as a vital starting point for energy healing sessions, focusing on nurturing the connection between our human magnetic energy field and the Earth’s magnetic energy field. It entails integrating ‘awareness’ from the mind to the body and from the body to the Earth, ultimately connecting with one’s ‘Spirit’. This integration enriches spiritual embodiment, fostering a deeper connection between the physical body and the spiritual body.

Below outlines my unique healing work centering on the human energy field, shaped by my spiritual journey and my adeptness in accessing energy fields within both myself and my clients.


‘Grounding’? Why is it important?


‘Grounding’ is emphasized as a crucial foundational step in spiritual and healing work, especially during the release and processing of trauma. It establishes a strong connection with Earth’s magnetic field, which is essential, because when we work with energy, we’re working with a series of polarities in the human energy field. To achieve an energetic response through the body, effective grounding involves connecting the bodies negatively charged poles to the positive charged poles of the earth. Essentially, the earth is a transmitter of energy in that it gives energy and receives it: It’s like having our very own recharging station. When we connect to the earth from the earth element in our bodies, our planet provides a powerful conduit for healing and restoring balance to the body.


The Ocean of the ‘Chi’ Life Force Energy


The ‘Chi’ also known as ‘Qi’ or ‘Ki’ in various traditions, is a concept originating from ancient Chinese philosophy and medicine. It is often described as the fundamental life force or energy that flows through all living beings and connects everything in the universe.

As an energy medicine practitioner, working with the ‘Chi’ allows clients to decipher emotional or physical blockages held in the ‘yin’ or the ‘yang’ counter parts. The center of the ‘Ch’ is found three finger widths below the navel. Once balance is achieved in both Yin and Yang aspects, the “ocean” of Chi, opens up and restores the natural flow of energy folding in from the yang to the yin creating an energetic flow of energy that is known as the ‘ocean’ of Chi. The ‘Chi’ is a transmitter of energy because it carries both a positive and negative charge, so a very powerful center that holds an abundance of energy.


The Spiritual Purpose of the Vagus Nerve


From a spiritual energetic perspective the vagus nerve’s primary function is about Memory and Navigation. The Vagus nerve is a navigation tool for our nervous system. It monitors the internal and external environment of the body and any changes that occur are logged and memorized by the sensory receptors via the Vagus nerve into the central nervous system.

The field of energy of the vagus nerve presents itself as two antennas outside of the head. Not only does it navigate our present environment but it stores the memory of everything that happens internally and externally throughout the 12 cranial nerve system.

This nerve is more than a super highway that connects the body to the brain, it is all inclusive in its ability to sensor and detect new happenings both inside and outside the body. In the navigation system of the vagus nerve, it acts as the GPS in all living organisms. Think of it this way, for example how does a turtle find its way back to the island or beach where it came from, to lay its eggs? That memory is stored through the vagus nerve. How do birds find their migratory routes? When I track the the route of the Vagus nerve through the body, it extends beyond the brain, it connects to the pituitary gland, to the brain stem and bilaterally splits going down each side of the neck and all the way down the spine to below the coccyx. The information in the field of energy iof the vagus nerve goes far beyond the textbooks. There is mass of information logged through the body and its connection to the central nervous system, via the vagus nerve. READ More


The Power of Your Pineal Gland


The pineal gland plays an integral role in reaching the state of pure consciousness but also in spiritual and energetic balance. Spiritually this gland is known as the seat of your ‘Soul’. The pineal gland’s energy field is directly related to your soul. The soul’s location in the body is right across the solar plexus at the bottom of the sternum. The Soul moves within the body, based on your spiritual evolution, in most people the soul lingers in the three lower chakras. As the soul ascends, the last stop is at the location of the ‘God Consciousness’.

“The pineal gland, the heart, the ‘chi’ and the earth, are all transmitters of energy.”

A transmitter of energy contain both a positive and negative charge. The most unfamiliar notion that is not readily discussed is, the pineal gland holds energy of ‘light’ and ‘darkness’. Two sides to this gland. It’s a small endocrine gland located in the brain, that plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological functions, secretes serotonin/melatonin and controls the rhythm of waking and sleeping. Looking at the pineal gland from spiritual perspective, it is the carrier of ‘light’ to keep us connected to God or to the Christ consciousness. In order to stay in the ‘light’ you must be connected to your ‘heart’ and the ‘earth’ powered by the source energy of the chi.

The importance lays in understanding the greater purpose of ‘grounding’, when you ground yourself to the earth consciously, meditatively you connect yourself to the ‘light’ of your body and you ‘plug’ into the light of the earth. This happens through the conduits of all the charged transmitters of energy your your body, this is what you are made of; Energy. The chi, the heart, the pineal gland and the God/Christ consciousness energy sources are the golden gate of light, that keep us protected from negative influences. This is one of the roles of the pineal gland in spiritual and energetic balance. The pineal gland can become unbalanced by negative influences, mental health variances or depression, where then sleep patterns can become unbalanced, in order to correct the imbalance I work directly with the pineal gland and the other transmitters of the body to bring homeostasis back in the sleeping patterns.

The pineal gland is also the center where dreaming and lucid dreaming occur and the center where DMT, or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, is activated. The receptors for DMT are in the field of energy of the pineal gland located in the brain. DMT is known for its profound psychedelic effects, which include intense visual and auditory hallucinations, altered perception of time and space, and a sense of profound insight or spiritual experience. You can see how, when we transcend into deeper states of healing or meditation these powerful centers can be activated to expand our consciousness.


The Vivaxis

The Vivaxis or Life-axis, is a sphere of energy established at geophysical point in connection with the growing fetus at some point of time during the last two months of pregnancy. Each person is linked by a two way circuit to the Earth via their own Vivaxis throughout life, despite how far they may travel from this location. We could say that we have an invisible umbilical cord of energy attaching us to the Earth via our Vivaxis.


The State of Pure Consciousness – Brain Wave Patterns


In the state of pure consciousness, the mind is free from the usual fluctuations of thoughts, emotions, and sensory perceptions that tend to dominate our ordinary waking consciousness. This state is characterized by a profound sense of inner peace, clarity, and unity, where the individual experiences a deep connection with the essence of existence itself.

To achieve a state of pure consciousness requires harmonizing all aspects of our being. The integration of the mind, body, spirit and the soul. A quick way to get to this state is by being guided into a deep grounding meditation, or transcendental meditation holding the intention to reach this state of pure bliss.

When you achieve the ‘pure consciousness’ state, you could be vibrating in the Theta or Gamma brain wave state. The Theta brainwave state is characterized by a frequency range of 4 to 8 cycles per second (Hertz), this state is commonly associated with deep relaxation, meditation, creativity, and increased intuition. The Gamma Brain wave state is a pattern of neural oscillations in the brain that occur at a frequency range of approximately 25 to 100 Hz (cycles per second). The Gamma state is quite a jump from the Theta state, but it can be achieved. It is one of the fastest and highest frequency brainwave states observed in humans. Gamma brainwave activity can reflect a state of heightened awareness, transcendence, or unity of consciousness.

Drawing from personal experience and from my energy healing practice, when the state of pure consciousness is reached, the feeling sense is ‘consciousness’ only exists in the mind, the general sense and feeling is you are without your body. In some states of this consciousness, the awareness of the body is in the energy field, but the location of the limbs cannot be found, or they appear to be felt in one place, when they are actually in another place.

In deeper states of the pure consciousness state, one could be drawing upon the Gamma brain wave state. In this Gamma state, the body works at healing trauma by clearing, processing and releasing energy as insights are revealed to the client. Some clients have reported seeing multiple reels of their life experiences come into their periphery, showing them what the body has stored in a particular old injury with no emotion attached. In addition, some areas of the body that may still be holding trauma, again, insights are revealed without any emotion attached. What’s fascinating about this, is the body holds onto some memories as significant, shows those long forgotten memories, while the person is reminded of that memory but, didn’t feel its relevance as the body did. Its really quite amazing how the body processes deep wounding in these deep meditative states of healing.


The Heart & The God Consciousness coming soon.