Path To Self ~ Healing

“Path To Self ~ Healing”



Coming Soon…..Spring 2023


Course outline:

We are all powerful energy beings who have access to limitless possibilities in the quantum field. The Path to Self-Healing is a discovery of who you are, so that you can awaken your spirituality and find the power of your heart and soul. When you step into your authenticity, and share your gifts that are unique to who you are you will also discover and illuminate the exquisite tapestry of human existence.
This on-line course is designed to help you bridge the gap between your inner and outer worlds, offering a creative and immersive space for you to open up the channels to your inner self, inner-healer, and the energy fields within. By helping you locate and activate these life force energies within you, you can move into your highest potential and discover your innate gifts to help yourself, your clients and to expand your energy awareness.

Held over zoom, this interactive course will open the doors to exploring the human energy field. This includes the 7 chakras system, vital Qi life force energy, Kundalini life force energy, the powerful pineal gland and heart, and so much more. As we embark and travel together on this learning journey, I will be here to assist you in moving through your energy systems and through any energy blockages you may find in your field along the way.

Throughout this course you will learn how to find and expand your energy connection to your body while opening up your gifts in the energy medicine realm. You will be guided to open up to your potential and inner healer. Once these channels are opened you can access greater capacity for self-care, love and regulation, while also accessing the ability to find deeper grounding, stillness, wisdom and physical and emotional healing. You will also be supported through the evolution of finding your own area of expertise as you navigate through your own energy field and your understanding when working with others.

This course is intended for therapists, counselors, healers, osteopaths, chiropractors, and anyone with the desire to expand their energy awareness.

Each class will start with a teaching portion followed by a group healing session on that topic, and finish with Q & A. Each class will be 60-75 mins.

Practice in-between sessions are recommended. No recordings will be available.

This course is offered in 3 modules – Time and Date details TBA


  • pay as you go 60$ per session plus HST
  • $350 plus HST for EACH module

Module One post coming soon.







Coming Soon! Path to Self ~ Healing

Full Module Purchase: E-Transfer optional/preferred


Coming Soon ! Path to Self ~ Healing

Purchase by Class: E-Transfer optional/preferred



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