Path To Self ~ Healing

“Your body, consists of a very powerful energy field which holds information to help you heal and clear the way for easy access to universal cosmic energy.



Path To Self ~ Healing

Spiritual Development

Course Outline:


self healingWe are all powerful energy beings who have access to limitless possibilities in the quantum field. The Path to Self-Healing is a discovery of who you are, so that you can awaken your spirituality and find the power of energy in your body to nurture the relationships between your heart and soul. The more you become tuned into your body, you then begin to tune-up your entire information system, this makes way for easy access to universal cosmic energy. This is a time when you step into your authenticity, and share your gifts that are unique to who you are, you will also discover and illuminate the exquisite tapestry of human existence.

This on-line course is designed to build your spiritual development by helping you bridge the gap between your inner and outer worlds, offering a creative and immersive space for you to open up the channels to your inner self, inner-healer, and the energy fields within. By helping you locate and activate these life force energies within you, you can move into your highest potential and discover your innate gifts to help yourself, or your clients and to expand your energy awareness. When you bring a deeper awareness into your body, you open up the channels to gain more information to help yourself and others.

Held virtually, this interactive course will open the doors to energy awareness by exploring the human energy field in depth. This Includes working with:

  • The 7 Chakra system +
  • The Vital Qi Life Force Energy
  • introduction to the Kundalini Life Force Energy
  • The Powerful Pineal gland
  • The Heart and Soul
  • The Path To Self – Healing Technique


Module 1: Consisting of 7 classes. The preliminary class – ‘The Importance of Grounding’ is complimentary recomended as the start to the first module. Throughout the rest of this module from 1-7 classes, you’ll learn about the different fields of energy within your body and how you can use them; learn how to ‘tune-in’ to your body; how to ground yourself before each practice; how to relieve stress, pain or anxiety; and find the areas of your body where you may be holding holding energy.

Module 2: Consisting of 7 classes. This module is about self-healing. Throughout the classes you gain a deeper understanding of the chakra system, how energy works, how you can work with your own body to self-heal. During the energy exercises everyone has the opportunity for physical and emotional healing, as you interact with your energy field with my guidance. You learn the Path To Self- Healing Technique and how to apply that in your own self-healing practice. As you practice more, you can access a greater capacity for self-care, love, stillness and gain wisdom from your body.

Module 3 optional, recordings of these guided meditations coming soon.

Next Class starts September 2024.

Each class starts with:

  1. A 10-15 minute teaching portion.
  2. Group energy exercises or guided meditation on that topic, where I guide you into tuning into those fields of energy.
  3. Finish with Q & A. Each class will be 60-75 mins.

Recommendations: Take each module in order. Recordings will be available for missed classes. Practicing in-between sessions is highly recommended to sharpen your energy awareness skills.


Investment for a limited time only:

  • Pay as you go, per class $65
  • Each Module $399

Module 1: Unify Your Consciousness

Class 1: The Importance of Grounding ~ FREE Class ~

Grounding is a practice that settles busyness of the mind and any chaotic or sporadic energy held in the body. Grounding also represents strength, and the strong foundation which forms the basis for strength in oneself. Much like a house, its foundation needs to be strong in order to bear the floors above. When you establish a practice of self-grounding, you’re creating a strong foundation to the earth, and a strong connection to yourself. Grounding is associated with the root chakra located at the base of your spine, at the coccyx bone. This area is the first of the seven spiritual centers belonging to the chakra system. The earth, our planetary home, is the element associated with the root chakra, owning a powerful magnetic field.

My complimentary class provides further information about the root chakra, and a run-through of each of the seven chakras. Following this, you’ll be lead into a powerful grounding meditation wherein your body’s energy field can connect with Earth’s field; once you feel it you will literally experience what it means to be grounded with the
energy of the planet.

Class 2: The Physical Plane/Spiritual Plane

An introduction into two general fields of energy; The physical, and the spiritual. Both these fields of energy are described in geometric shapes, as illustrated by Leonardo DaVinci’s intricate geometric drawing of The Vitruvian Man. In this class we will merge the Mind, Body and Spirit to ‘One’. You will be sure to raise the awareness of your energy body. You will be guided into both these fields of energy to experience their subtlety, and how you can work with them in your own practice, and meditations. I will also give instruction on how you can use them integrated with other energy practices in the following class : Looking at Polarity.


Class 3: How Energy Works : Looking at Polarity

The basis of all movement is polarity, energy is generated by this connection. In order for energy to move or manifest, it is activated through a series of positive and negative charges. I’m going to explain in detail how energy generates through each power center, around the body, what directions the chakras spin (and what those directions can mean), and other important information related to self-healing and calming the nervous system.

We will be exploring:

1) Polarity

2)Vortexes/flows of Energy

3) Elements

4) God Consciousness, Soul and Chi Locations

An opportunity to explore your an energy exercise of a group choice. 


Class 4: Energetic Anatomy of The Brain Waves

Let’s get spiritual with Brain waves! This is an introduction to the five brain wave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Each of these states emits a signature wave that denotes a different phase. We will explore the physical and spiritual fields of these brain wave states and how they ‘present’ in the body, and how you can utilize and exercise these energies for a multitude of things; for example getting to sleep, calming anxiety, improving the time it takes to focus, entering deeper states of meditation and initiating the theta state where visions can materialize.

Class 5: Into the Chakra System ~ Part 1

The seven chakras symbolize spiritual centers of energy in your body, each one corresponding to a different body part and each associated with an element and color. The chakra system is similar to a guide or map to the path inward, the path to Self; the being or person. Here’s a worthy list: your tribal roots, the relationship you have with your own emotions, how you view yourself, how others see you, the relationships you cultivate, and the degree of self-love that you hold, plus the type of communication you typically have with others, are all manifested by your mind, your thoughts, and your beliefs. We are self-constructed by these aspects that make up who we are. We’ll delve more deeply into the individual meanings of the seven chakras and delve into an energy exercise of each one. We will begin this exploration in this class and continue it in the next.


Class 6: Into the Chakra System ~ Part 2

In this second segment of exploring the chakras, we will review each chakra through the field for a second time in detail; keeping in mind your first experience with it, you’ll now have the opportunity to move or release energy in any of these power centers where you may feel energetically blocked or sluggish. I will teach you how to tap into your field and work on this for yourself. A discussion will follow to see how each of you is feeling; I’ll offer suggestions where possible.

Class 7: Life Force Energy Part 1: Building Your Qi

Welcome to the the Life Force Energy ~ The Ocean Of Qi (also chi or ki). This is a fascinating field of energy, one of which I work with regularly on myself and my clients. It carries so many flows of energy and is packed with power. In this class we’ll enter the flow of Qi energy, starting with going into the fields of Yin energy and Yang energy. Yin energy circulates and moves through the entire left side of your body and represents the sacred feminine. Yang energy circulates and moves through the right side of your body, representing the sacred masculine. Each side represents a different polarity, which we will go into more depth. In the energy exercise portion of this class, I will take you into both sides to see where and if your energy is flowing freely or where it might be blocked; I can  help you free the blockage using Qi energy and we’ll follow up with a group discussion and sharing.

Class 8: Life Force Energy Part 2: Exploration of the Qi

Once your energy is moving in both Yin and Yang, I will then take you into the energy force of going into the Ocean of Qi, in this exercise, you can begin to build this force in your body and work with it more fully. I’ll guide you into both the physical field of the Qi and the spiritual field of the Qi, and then blend both sides. When you experience the full capacity of this energy combining both polarities, the Yin and the Yang, you come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the energy that your body generates for self healing, and for practicing on others.


Module 2: You’ve Got The Power

Class 1: Path To Self- Healing Technique (PTS-HT)

All energy movement in the body starts with power and connection to one element: earth; our planet. This connection relates to the root chakra at the base of the spine; being deeply grounded to the planet gives us the key power source, which enables a baseline wherein energy can move. When you connect two similar poles of energy in your body, a medium of energy is created between those two poles. In this class, in an exercise we’ll do together, I’ll demonstrate how to generate an alternative source of energy while connecting two fields of energy in your body.
This is called the Path To Self-Healing Technique, (shortened to PTS-HT). Once learned, this technique can be used on your own in your self-healing work. Once this section is complete we’ll open a Q & A for your questions and comments.

Class 2: Healing the SOUL- Part 1- THE HEART

Developing a strong relationship to your heart is key. Your heart, holds the past, present and future, including the energy of every life experience you have had. As we embark on this part one of Healing The Soul- Exploring the fields of energy that have everything to do with self-expression. This 3 part series explores going into the chakras that have everything to do with communication and relationships, not just in the outer world but your inner world. We work with the power centers that pertain to the building of-the-Self. These are: The Heart Chakra, Throat, Solar Plexus, the Sacral Chakra and the Qi. Once you are all grounded, the energy exercise will start by taking you into the energy field center of your heart and then blend that with your Soul, during which time, you can create a communication system with your heart.

Class 3: Healing the SOUL - Part 2- THE SOUL-AR PLEXUS

In this second part of Healing The Soul, I will discuss how the self can be a creation of the memories you hold in your heart; as you process your emotions, thoughts, and feelings, they inevitably reflect in your self-expression. The heart is the voice of the throat and will dominate your self-expression, or an inability to express oneself depending on any emotional heaviness being held there. The heart is responsible not only for storing our emotions, but for our ability to express them, too. In the group energy exercise we will explore the physical and spiritual field of energy in the solar plexus; then we will blend that energy with your soul. The focus in this class is to nurture a real relationship with your soul, establish a communication system- the very place which holds memories of our previous lifetimes. Q & A and group discussion will follow.

Class 4: Healing the SOUL ~Part 3 ~ Qi & Heart Center

In this class, I will take you through the exercise of activating the power of Qi (Chi) ~ by gathering energy from both the yin and the yang, then bringing that ocean of energy into the heart center. Keep in mind, the heart is the bridge between the higher communication realms and the lower physical realm of emotions and identity. In this powerful twinning of these two energies, you may come away with a greater appreciation and stronger relationship with your heart and a releasing of emotions.

Class 5: Strengthening Self Expression

We will proceed by energetically connecting the solar plexus and throat chakras using the PST-H technique and blending these two power centers. This can activate your ability to do your own self-healing, while you also unite with your own heart center through this blend. The symbol of the solar plexus is a downward-pointing, red triangle. The solar plexus is our chakra of personal power. This center governs your inner fire and is responsible for your level of confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, inner strength, and your determination. This fifth chakra, located at the throat, helps us to stand in our truth, to express ourselves authentically, using accurate words and fearlessly communicate our feelings with others. In this energy exercise, we will be bringing in the elements, so you can understand more profoundly the nature of these powerful energies among us.


Class 6: Heart & Pineal Gland

In this class we are going to blend the fields of energy of the heart and the pineal gland; a potent blend. This is an introduction to the Pineal Gland/third eye and its ability to manifest higher frequency. This raises the opportunity to use the PTS-H technique, which you can take time to practice on your own to become proficient with it. The heart generates energy consistently, both physically and energetically, but emotionally and spiritually too. In fact the heart is a powerhouse of energy in its own magnetic field. The pineal gland, physically associated with the third eye chakra, is commonly known as the 6th chakra, or third eye. It is also considered to be the key to our spiritual awakening and psychic abilities. Blending these two areas through an energy exercise can also re-establish that brain-heart connection between the limbic system in the brain, to the emotional system of the heart. Each person has their own experience.

Class 7: Expanding Qi Life Force Energy

In this class we are going to travel into the elements of water and fire of the Qi, feeling it both on the spiritual plane and physical plane.This class bares the opportunity to touch into your DNA, as your visual receptors open up, there’s a possibility to see your DNA strand in full color. The exercise always starts with grounding before moving forward. The purpose of this exercise is to build the Qi energy in the spiritual plane, so you can use it in your own energy meditation practice.


Module 3: Raising Your Frequency

Class 1: Easing into the Quantum Field

The quantum field can be described as source energy, or an invisible frequency field. In simple terms, it is a leap of energy to a much higher frequency. The higher the bodily location of the chakra, the higher the frequency can be achieved via from that power center, provided that deeply-rooted grounding is established. Grounding is the primary foundation for all energy-based work, as well as being the transportation system to the higher frequencies. This class will guide you into a simple energy exercise especially constructed to help you tune into and activate the pineal gland.

The pineal gland relates directly to the brow chakra, located centrally in the forehead; it is commonly known as the third eye. This exercise helps you to become familiar with this power center.

Class 2: Pineal & Pituitary Gland Meditation

In this class, I will lead you into a guided meditation wherein you will bring your energy awareness to both the pineal and pituitary glands. From this you’ll learn to discern the differences between these two fields of energy. We will then proceed to balance each field; both glands are producers of hormones. Pituitary activity is regulated by hormones of the hypothalamus, which distributes to other glands and distal parts of the body. The pineal gland produces the hormones melatonin, which helps us fall asleep, and serotonin, which helps us awaken and stay aware during daylight hours. This exercise is constructed to give you the opportunity to connect with the intelligence of these glands, and to balance them for the purposes of your choice.

Class 3: The Lighthouse

This is a guided meditation that will lead you into powerfully light-charged fields in the body. You will meet the field of the God Consciousness, as well as the field of the pineal gland again. Once you do this exercise, you’ll be better able to understand the importance of consciously staying in your body, and the great value of grounding yourself on a daily basis; in fact, several groundings a day isn’t too many. All of these fields are capable of producing higher frequency energy; energy which can be used to raise your frequency. The higher your frequency, the more grounded you become. In this powerful guided meditation you will become connected to your divine consciousness. This connects you to a path of light, which in turn connects you to earth’s powerful light. Earth itself owns a massively powerful field of energy which provides us with a vital energy recharge, giving our bodies the revitalization they need.

Class 4: Halo

This guided meditation takes you through several checkpoints that open your crown chakra, where divine guidance flows. The open channel allows you to connect with divine life force energy, a sacred and positive field of energy wherein you’ll be able to enhance your connectivity to divine source knowledge.

Class 5: Raise your Clairsentience

Clairsentience relates to being sensitive to changes in energy. If you are already clairsentient, you are capable to experience and feel both inner and outer energy in a more intuitive way. People who are clairsentient may be able to retrieve information outside of their physical senses, it has also been referred to as the sixth sense or the sense of intuition. I believe that the amount of memory that is stored in our sensory receptors play a role in clairsentience, this will be discussed in more detail in this class. In the energy exercise, you will be led into the two power centers in the spiritual field, than can strengthen the awareness of intuition. You will have the opportunity to refine and tune-in to these extra sensory receptors.

Class 6: Activate Lucid Dreaming

I love lucid dreaming! Lucid dreams are when you know that you’re dreaming while you’re asleep. You become aware in this lucid state that you are dreaming, and so, you create the dream as you go along, you are the director in your movements through your dream. Flying dreams are often like lucid dreams too, a whole lot of fun! In my own personal process with lucid dreaming, I take you through several check points to order to activate the naturally occurring reservoir located in the pineal gland’s field of energy that helps activate a lucid dream. With this method, the more practice, the better in achieving this state.

*Bonus* – In this class you will be given the steps on how to guide yourself into the ‘sleep-wake’ state otherwise known as the Hypnagogic state- This is a place in which you transition between wakefulness and sleep. I will explain the steps in detail on how to know you are arriving at this state, based on the teachings of this course.

Class 7: Kundalini - The Energy of Transformation

The kundalini life force energy lays dormant in an area at the base of the spine called the coccyx, just below the root chakra. When this energy is awakened, it rises up the spine and spends time in each individual chakra. Its force is ecstatic, as it moves up the spine like two coiled snakes, until it reaches the point of release at the seventh (crown) chakra, at the top of your head. This release of energy promotes internal balance, awakening, and enlightenment. People have different effects, unpredictable, and varying in intensity and duration. I will tell you about my own personal process with my kundalini rising then, I will take you through an energy exercise to help you awaken this life force energy over time. I will provide more information and resources.

Path to Self ~ Healing

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Path to Self ~ Healing

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