"You are more than your physical body"

Energy Healing Vancouver- Christina Haverkort
Have you ever questioned why you are here? Or what is the purpose of your life?


Many of us have pondered existential questions such as the purpose of life and our place in the grander scheme. For me, these questions have been a constant source of curiosity. Why is there life? What is my role in this world? Is there a deeper meaning to our existence beyond the physical realm? I believe that our life’s purpose extends far beyond our physical bodies. It’s about delving deep within ourselves to discover the superhuman, multidimensional beings that we truly are.


Welcome to my website, I am Christina.

My mission in life is to:

  • Support your healing journey through the human energy field
  • Teach the true importance of grounding
  • Teach about the energy centers in the body

We “are” energy; even our thoughts are composed of energy, and we have fields within us which we can use for our own benefit and healing, and to help others heal. This field of energy not only consists of twelve chakras but several other powerful centers; ‘Qi’ life force energy, kundalini life force energy, the pineal gland, which bears a close relationship to the third eye chakra; as well as God consciousness; your soul, and your omnipotent heart center. Through the workshops I offer, you will experience for yourself these powerful energy centers in your body through your energy field.


We are going through some website changes and re-construction in the coming months so please be patient with me. Please check in from time to time, new courses and information will be posted very soon. Free consultations are still available for distance healing sessions, please email me at christina@healingcurrent.com







Questions about how to begin? Email us directly: christina@healingcurrent.com

If you do not hear back from us in 48 hours please email directly. Sessions take place  by distance from EST, Canada.

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