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We are living in challenging times, a moment when harboring spiritual strength is most called for. What does it mean to be spiritual? It is really simple; it’s inhabiting your body that’s connecting with your spirit, in meditation, in yoga or some body-movement practice or, in energy healing. When we become spiritually disconnected, the mind and the body can be perceived as being separate. You are not just your mind. To become more spiritually connected, spend time in nature, in the moment, and practice clearing your mind through visualization. Anything that distracts you from connecting with your source energy, further disconnects you from your body. Your vibration is elevated when you spend more time in your body, in your heart, finding inner solitude, connecting with your power, your strength that makes up who you are.   


Our bodies are made up of sophisticated and intelligent matrix of bones, organs, tissues and glands. In its function and placement, not only is it organized anatomically, but also energetically. When it comes to healing, your body wants and needs your undivided attention!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to your body’s field of energy. It is an energy that vibrates within and around every organ, tissue, bone, and gland. Aided by deep grounding and prompted by your own inner questioning, your body’s intelligence system can and will show you, A) what may be out of balance, B) what area is holding trauma, C) what sequence of healing is needed, and D) what tissue or organ connects to the origin of your health issue.

You may be reading this because you feel called to heal some of your most deep-seated emotional wounds. Or maybe you’re aware of the need to release trauma, stored in your body or sensory organs. Perhaps you’ve had a physical injury that has been resisting full healing. Or, maybe you just want to develop a closer relationship to your body, discovering its gifts, and what it can teach you about yourself.

Paired with a suitable environment, adequate rest, clean water, healthy nourishment, and a balanced mind, with energy healing, you can experience transformations that improve your well-being on all levels. Here is your key: stay open to the answers your body provides, and to the healing it is eminently capable of achieving. Unless I have otherwise noted, everything you are about to read on this platform stems from my personal and professional knowledge and findings while working directly with, and through, the human energy field.

Why Energy Healing?

Our bodies may be physical, but they are also composed of energy. Working through the conduit of energy can resolve issues that haven’t been solved in other ways. People turn to energy healing because it compliments allopathic medicine and expands the potential for recovery that traditional methods try to achieve, but sometimes fail to manage.

Distance Healing

People ask, how does distance healing work? Well, Einstein proved that we are all energy, and that energy cannot be created or destroyed; only transformed. Humans, all other living beings, and the earth are surrounded by an electromagnetic field. It is also known as a bio-field sometimes called an aura, or auric field; this can be felt about an arm’s length away, or more. By means of the heart and the nervous system, the body’s circuitry is electric. The human body has its own polarity the same as a cell does, the same as the earth does; polarity is seen in practically everything. The magnetic field around each and every one of us gives vigour to our individuality, enabling communication. All electromagnetic fields, indeed all energy patterns, communicate with waves. Examples: nerve impulses, brain waves, radio waves, light waves, microwaves, etc. This communication through waves is also what your nervous system does with your heart every second of every minute of every day, consistently communicating. However you look at it, from cell towers to the Wi-Fi network in your home, this communication travels vast distances with ease. This is why distance healing is effective in spite of great expanses of geography between practitioner and client. Whether by phone or computer, the electrical devices that enable distance healing sessions to take place (these devices also emit electromagnetic fields) permit the practitioner to enter a client’s auric field supporting his or her intention, meeting the ‘wave’ of energy that makes it possible. I see it this way; the human energy field is nothing less than miraculous. With your attention, and your intention, your body can interpret complex issues and reflect them to you through thoughts, images, and metaphors, components unique to you, coming from you, for your personal healing.
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