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With chronic illness at an all time high and mental health issues at a serious peak, children, teenagers, and adults have all suffered greatly in these challenging times. I encourage you to allow me to guide you in the  remarkable and beautiful connection between your physical and spiritual selves. When in a state of unity, they make it eminently possible to restore any sense of stability that has been lost.

We all know what it’s like to spend a lot of time “in our heads” – so mentally-focused that we forget about our body’s needs. We lose awareness of how multifaceted our body is and has a wealth of ability to support our being more fully. It is greatly valuable to develop a practice of consciously ‘being in your body.’ When you’re in a unified state, mind and body together, you’re able to make healthier, more grounded and authentic choices that serve your greatest good.

One helpful system of deliberating between choices is muscle testing, a technique of asking your body for the answers it holds within. Your body, with its innate knowing, has a deep understanding of your true essence and can discern your choices.

In my Grounding Master Class, you’ll learn exactly what it means to be ‘in’ your body and how to get there by calling on your mind-body-earth connection – Each participant is taken into a guided mediation where they will be able to feel their body precisely anchor into the earth in harmony with their mind and body. From there, you will be guided into a mediation that accesses a greater sense of calm. Achieving this calm state, in as quickly as 3-5 minutes demonstrates the great power that lives and breathes inside each of us while quite naturally taps into the realm of Spirit. I call this ‘Grounding’,

With practice, you can achieve a state of inner unity via the use of a variety of specific guided meditations. These are more than just guided, you will experience healing with your full attention and awareness. I provide an experience that helps you reach deeper depths of your being, it can help you cope with your emotions or tap into your creative manifesting self, get to know yourself better as you progress. You are a participant in your own, personal evolution, enhancing how you see others too. Building a healthier relationship with yourself and others makes you more adept at expressing yourself with confidence.

My courses provide a repertoire of guided meditations and healing to help you achieve your greatest potential in growth and learning, and instills within you the timeless value of being very much ‘in’ your body.

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Why Energy Healing?

Our bodies may be physical, but like all Matter they are  composed of energy. Working through the conduit of energy can resolve issues that haven’t been solved in other ways. People turn to energy healing because it compliments allopathic medicine and expands the potential for recovery that traditional methods try to achieve, but sometimes fail to manage.

Distance Healing

All that is needed to facilitate a distance healing session is a connection to you. I conduct my treatments over the phone or by computer I don’t have to see you. What makes distance healing possible is we are all living in an electromagnetic field of energy. Energy travels in waves, light, sound and radio to name a few. The Earths field is made up of light, as is our bodies. Light is the most infinite power and we are part of that power. Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy that is commonly known as light. Generally, light travels in waves, and all electromagnetic radiation travels at the same speed. Look at ocean waves they are created by energy passing through water, causing it to move … shore in deeper water and intensify as they move closer to land. Distance healing works very similar, the distance between us creates a field whereby a higher frequency can be achieved.



Our bodies are also a creation of 7 power centers that dominate a certain element; Elements like air, water, fire, earth, light combined with the power of electromagnetic field. We are generators of energy simply put, just as the earth is also a generator of fields of energy that create, rain, thunder, storms and earthquakes etc., they are generated by energy. Atoms make up the human body, each electron in an atom is associated with a particular energy level of the atom. The electrons in the higher energy levels can often become excited by light, heat, electricity, etc. There is about 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms in the human body. Its pretty fascinating stuff when you really give it some thought.

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