"You are more than your physical body"

Energy Healing Vancouver- Christina Haverkort

Are you feeling run down or depleted? Did you know this is widespread in our western culture? This happens because we loose our ‘Life Force Energy’ or what eastern medicine calls ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’. Life force energy is lost because of blocked energy in the body. If you feel disconnected  or ungrounded, it is common in the world we live in. To regain your ‘Qi’ you must regain your connection to the earth and understand grounding. When you are connected and grounded, the mind and body become coherent, it gives a sense of overall well being by raising your frequencies and balancing out your energy.

The path ahead in your journey to improve and regain your health and wellness start here!





Questions about how to begin? Email Christina directly: christina@healingcurrent.com

Do NOT fill out the current form as it does not work. Email directly, for service.  Sessions take place  by distance from EST, Canada.