Body Work Training


Body Work Training

 ~ Work Smarter not Harder ~

Advanced Techniques


Are you ready to broaden your knowledge through massage therapy or bodywork? Would you be interested in mastering the swift assessment and treatment of specific issues? Perhaps delving into the significance of comprehending various joints and their individual concerns, along with learning a straightforward yet impactful on-table assessment protocol to customize treatments accordingly?

Expand your knowledge and revolutionize your client treatments with a unique fascia system not taught elsewhere. Mastering this system will transform your approach indefinitely, earning you the admiration of your clients. Plus, reducing oil use.

Choose between two workshops or enroll in both: Upper Body and Lower Body. Delve into the intricacies of joint pain, understanding its origins and identifying individual problems for tailored treatment. Discover that not all joint complexes require the same approach, making this course a standout opportunity.

Learning outcomes:

• Understand the simple bio-mechanics of the body in how to treat accordingly.
• How to perform a sub-scapular release and why.
• How to treat the sacro-tuberous fascia and why.
• How to identify a C1 upper cervical injury.
• Where to identify trigger points that involve muscle and fascia.
• A fascia pattern links the upper and lower body, the importance of this.
• Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation PNF application and why.
• How to treat tension in the legs, easily and effectively and why.
• Why gymnasts and dancers suffer chronic back pain? Find out.
• Treating the posterior scalene and why.
• Treating the Quadratus Lumborum muscle effectively and why.
• The 4 step process of effectively treating the Ilo-psoas muscles and why.
• A series of triggers points that will change your treatment style and your clients will appreciate.

Not all injuries are the same or require the same treatment.

Designated treatment plan for shoulder, pain, frozen, migraines, whiplash, diaphragm and more…

Each workshop spans about 3.5 hours, packed with invaluable knowledge and practice time. Expect some overlap between both workshops, ensuring comprehensive learning and skill development.

1) Upper Body Workshop: Focuses on treatment techniques from the waist up, encompassing areas such as the C-spine, T-spine, and Lumbar spine, back pain, as well as abdominal, sternum, diaphragm, intercostal, shoulder complex, scalp, and upper cervical region.”

2) Lower Body Workshop: Concentrates on treatment methods from the waist down, addressing the hip complex, pelvis, ITB, glutes, hamstrings, adductors, quads, lower legs, ankles, and feet.

Three options to choose from:

1) I come to you at your clinic (within GTA) with a minimum of 5 ppl signed up.
Investment:$160.00 plus tax

2) I provide the workshop space (Thornhill or Newmarket) with a minimum of 3 sign ups, maximum 6 people.
Investment $160.00 plus tax

Please email for additional information and booking: