By Christina Haverkort  (March 2021/updated 11/22)

Anxiety & Depression

anxietyFeeling empty, feeling a void, lost inside or vulnerable are trademark feelings for anyone who suffers or is struggling with anxiety, depression, or hormonal imbalance. just feeling at a loss for your self.

One of the quickest routes for getting yourself back on track to heal from anxiety and/or depression, is getting ‘into’ your body. When you allow yourself the time and patience it takes to step into yourself, what you are doing is filling the void or the emptiness with your presence, your sacred energetic attention, inwards. When you bring your attention and awareness into your body energetically, you are making your first powerful shift of healing. In my one-on-one distance sessions, I bring you there. My grounding masterclasses are another option. You can read more about those two here. And specific guided meditations geared towards, anxiety and depression are here.

It’s easy in our world today to be thrown off your personal path to ‘self’. Outside influences, being consistently busy with everything outside of yourself, can perpetuate negative thinking, and cause this great division between your mind and your body. Social/family distancing over two years has caused severe harm to so many people. Let’s not forget. To bring yourself from a stress, fragmented state, where you may have trouble sleeping, hard time relaxing, or just sitting down and you don’t know where to start, start here. My guided meditations and one-to-one zoom calls energy healing sessions can help you feel like yourself again.