Advanced Healing

This is a time for you to delve deep into your mind, brain, body and soul. You are ready to gain insight from your body in any energy system and on the mental, emotional and physical planes. Unravel tension, release emotions, decipher what your body wants and needs from you. Finding out what you need to let go of helps you discover what you’re holding onto; helps you discern what your body needs to heal itself, with your attention, intention and your desire to heal. For example, your body can tell you if a physical injury needs a critical examination; or if you need guidance for a seemingly benign health issue.

Advanced Healing

All treatments begin with me guiding you into the deeply-grounded state, my trademark system, one that I know to be essential and a must for the success of any healing to occur. This is a physical/energetic state and level of mind where the mind and body achieve enhanced communication and coherence. At this level your body elicits healing by accessing information that you need to have, to understand what’s happening. Here, you are attuned to your body’s innate intelligence.

In Advanced Healing, to assist the fusion of the mental, physical and emotional aspects of your self-healing, you’re asked to write down what transpired in your session. Introspectively writing down how you experienced your treatment deepens the understanding of yourself. Greater awareness gives time and space for your body tissues to heal, and encourages you to adjust mental and physical habits for greater wellbeing. Treatment journaling is highly recommended to support your Healing Current experience. 


Vagus Nerve

Shingles Pain

Nerve Injury

Treatment Details:

Each treatment is approximately 60 minutes in length by phone. Please use ear buds rather than having your phone on ‘speaker’, since we need to hear each other clearly. All you need to do is sit or recline comfortably on a bed or in a chair with your head resting on a pillow. Cover yourself with a blanket according to the warmth and comfort you need. I expect you to stay conscious and aware during our session. If you become drowsy please tell me and we can take measures together to keep you awake. Falling asleep during treatment closes our essential line of communication that must be open for the treatment to succeed. After treatment, drink a glass of water, eat lightly, and don’t have any plans for the rest of your day! Except to journal, rest, and take it easy. I suggest that you have a pen and paper nearby to jot down notes afterward; the longer you wait you may forget pertinent details that are important to you. Note: calls may be recorded on request.

1 Treatment
Cost: $169

3 Treatments
Cost: $449