Class 1 ~ The Importance of Grounding ~ Free Class

Grounding Master Class

Grounding is a practice that settles busyness of the mind and any chaotic or sporadic energy held in the body. Grounding also represents strength, and the strong foundation which forms the basis for strength in oneself. Much like a house, its foundation needs to be strong in order to bear the floors above. When you establish a practice of self-grounding, you’re creating a strong foundation to the earth, and a strong connection to yourself. Grounding is associated with the root chakra located at the base of your spine, at the coccyx bone. This area is the first of the seven spiritual centers belonging to the chakra system. The earth, our planetary home, is the element associated with the root chakra, owning a powerful magnetic field.

My complimentary class provides further information about the root chakra, and a run-through of each of the seven chakras. Following this, you are lead into a powerful grounding meditation wherein your body’s energy field will connect with Earth’s field; once you feel it you will literally experience what it means to be grounded with the energy of the planet.

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