Body Referencing

I employ a newly-developed, highly successful system that I have named ‘Body Referencing’. Body referencing is used once you are in a deeply-grounded state and communication is open between:

  1. mind and body,
  2. brain and body, and,
  3. your consciousness has opened to your body’s energy systems, including the nervous system.
Body Referencing

What is Body Referencing?

Following my guidance, you can allow your body to inform you where the treatment needs to start and in what system, based on your issue. Body referencing is a type of self-inquiry; you can ask questions of your subconscious and allow answers to come through energy pathways, in the form of thoughts, images, colours, film clips or metaphors. This technique gives both of us a better understanding about what your body is experiencing energetically, anatomically, emotionally, and spiritually. Now we can better understand why your body has manifested the issue at hand. Thus you have more answers to work with in addition, you are shown the sequence your body requires to heal itself. This is an Quantum Healing technique.