Risks & Benefits

Energy healing treatment tends to bring emotional energy to the surface, where it can be most easily released and acknowledged. Following treatment, you may feel more emotional than usual; this is your body asking you to tend to your emotions in the present moment. You may also notice improved bowel habits, and experience renewed clarity and recharged energy over the following days. If so, please be careful to not overexert yourself, regardless of how good you feel. It’s important to get the rest your body needs to repair body tissue, resolve emotional energy, and restore balance to your system as a whole.

You may feel more tired than usual, as your nervous system strives to recalibrate, your need for sleep and relaxation can be more pronounced. Your tastes in food and drink, eating habits, and ways of doing things sometimes go through changes. The benefits you experience following treatment will vary depending on what your issues have been and how far-reaching your treatment was.