Group Series 




Each series is 3 sessions in length. Minimum of 2, maximum of 4 participants per group. Encourage completion of Module 1 -PTSH, to heighten your awareness of the spiritual plane.



Grounding Master Class


You will come to understand that the ‘Earth’ is a powerhouse of energy, its not a dark empty place of nothingness, it is a beacon of Light. That provides an energy source for us. It’s a pure source of energy. Its polarity is positive, anything with a positive field, generates mass amounts of energy. The first physical chakra is the Root Chakra located at the base of the spine, carrying the element of the Earth. In this 3 part series, I guide you into what it means to be more mindful and how that comes through grounding yourself. By grounding sporadic energy and learning to tune into the God-ness within, the pure source energy within, it becomes clearer that everything comes down to a spiritual determination. This is an opportunity to build the vibration right in your body where you are today. More information coming..



Vagus Nerve Trauma Release


The super highway of the cranial nerves, the tenth cranial nerve, is known as the Vagus nerve. This nerve packs a punch, it is incredibly energetic as it’s your ‘feeler’ nerve. It records and stores all the memory of everything you have experienced in your lifetime.

Session 1) Find where you are holding Trauma: Starting with a grounding, in this unique experience I guide you into the field of energy of your Vagus Nerve, for the purpose of releasing trauma. Participants are able to locate where the most significant trauma is held in their body without the emotion attached to it. We move along the left and right Vagal pathways from the brain down to the tailbone.

Session 2) Transform Energy: In this second session spaced one week apart, I assist you in the transformation of one or two of those traumas without triggering the emotions attached to them.

Session 3) Check our Work: The third session, we check in on how successful the trauma release was and clean up any loose ends your body highlights

You can read more about the anatomy of the Vagus here.



Hormone Balancing


Have you ever wondered which side of your glands are out of balance? Perhaps the supplements you are taking aren’t quite making a difference? Do you feel tired most of the time or experience brain fog? we live in a time where our nervous system is under attack, and our endocrine system. is depleted. Everything is connected. I love the hormone balance, I do it on myself regularly to check in. The ovaries produce both testosterone and estrogen, where the left side holds the estrogen and right side the testosterone. All this information is in the energy field. I take you into the energy field of each gland, from the Pituitary to the reproductive glands where then, you can discover which gland is weaker or stronger, then I work with you to create a balance. More than one session is required to gain full benefit. More information coming soon…


Group Series $180 CA each

No Recordings available. Class limit 4ppl

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Optional E-transfer is available.