Hormone Balancing

By Christina Haverkort   (11/20- updated 02/23)

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Hormone Balancing


Emotions affect hormones, trauma, surgeries, accidents, injuries, toxicity overload, and stress affects hormones. All systems work together- the overall effect comes down on the Central Nervous System (CNS). What I have observed is, powerful emotions like anger, sadness, grief, resentment not only fatigue the body, but can store energetically in any of the glands, organs, or tissues close to a gland. This finding may not be the case for everyone, but when a person has experienced several traumatic events in their lifetime, unresolved or unprocessed emotions that tie into trauma, can affect the endocrine system creating an imbalance in its ability to function optimally.

*The endocrine system is a chemical messenger system comprising feedback loops of the hormones released by internal glands of an organism directly into the circulatory system, regulating distant target organs. The major endocrine glands are the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands *(Wikipedia).

Chronic stress and trauma are major factors in exhausting the endocrine glands. The Liver especially is greatly affected by trauma whether it is a physical trauma to the body or an significant emotional one. Why? Because stress affects the CNS and the endocrine system simultaneously, directly through the sensory organs and the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland, located in the brain this is the center for receiving, incoming information from the sensory organs; sight, smell, taste, hearing and feeling. This is the chemical receiving center, any experience especially pain, concussions, loud sounds, high frequency bright lights, repetition of fear (for example in a relationship or job), anything that repetitively over stresses the sensory receptors feeds into the endocrine system that can affect every other system. The effect of any of these kinds of stresses can both lead to imbalances in not only the immune system, but the digestive system. Stress induces the release of cortisol from the adrenals, your two adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys in the middle of your back. Low stress equals low release of cortisol; high stress equals high release of cortisol. When this condition arises unrecognized and unattended, from this target area the adrenal glands, the body then draws energy from the thyroid gland, pulling it off-balance, from the thyroid it can pull on the ovaries or the testes. The pituitary gland, is the major distributor of hormones into the blood stream going to the thyroid, adrenals and reproductive organs. *The thyroid releases hormones that affect all organs in your body- especially your heart, it is essential in influencing our metabolism, and the force and speed of your heartbeat, your blood pressure and your cholesterol level. *(Harvard -Health).

Balancing Hormones Through The Energy Field


Balancing hormones through the energy field is a rather new and different approach to determining which side of the glands are out of balance. It’s possible that the pituitary or pineal gland are throwing the system out of balance, in that case, energy healing can be very efficient at determining which master gland is out of balance. All this information is found in an energy healing session.¬† When I take my clients into their hormonal system, their body highlights the pair that is out of balance. Some can see colors, energy, or sense in feeling the imbalances. I use an effective system, that helps them accurately determine which side is out of balance. This is especially effective for the pituitary or pineal gland but also the thyroid gland. A fascinating find in the field of the thyroid is the left side represents hyperthyroid, (overactive) and the right is hypothyroid (under active) . One side or the other can present as being weak or strong. Over one session or a course of sessions, balance can return. Its nice to do monthly sessions to keep things in balance, as we are affected by stress and overload on the nervous system. Many people find they are much calmer, they feel the regular stresses of their lives impact them less, and feel the benefit of working through the field.

Adrenal Exhaustion


Adrenal glands can completely deplete, the clear sign of this is when the body becomes heavy and weighted. I call this a complete polarity reversal. A clear sign, of adrenal exhaustion. The cause can be from many things including physical exhaustion, liver toxicity, heavy metal poisoning, nervous system breakdown, or extended emotional stress. In my work in this field of energy medicine, I have discovered that when the neurological system is out of balance, causing a large extant of nerve pain to the body, the load of the pain strongly suggests a huge load on the hormonal system thus, causing the adrenals to shut down. This would in turn affect the nervous system and throw the entire body out of balance, creating an autoimmune disorder or chronic condition.

Distressed glands secreting hormones under duress slow the body’s ability to stabilize itself under stress. While the ovaries and testes produce estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, it isn’t always a hormone imbalance causing problems; emotional energy from traumatized glands like the liver can also trigger imbalances that inhibit regular function, affecting the digestive system, which in turn can affect the energy reservoirs like the kidneys, heart and gut-biome.

Adrenal glands tend to burn out due to overexertion, which affects the heart via the kidneys but they are very resilient and repair themselves over time, they can balance and repair themselves fairly rapidly during a session. In my energy work with balancing hormones, the ovaries tend to bare issues of too little creativity, or too much thinking this was in interesting observation with that in some people caused sleeplessness, or restless legs. The reproductive system is a active area of emotion and creativity. The fascinating energy fact about the ovaries is, the left side produces estrogen and the right side produces testosterone, and both produce progesterone! In my findings and research, the pineal gland, can show an imbalance this is a measure for depression, as this gland carries a balance between serotonin and melatonin. The pineal gland also represents creativity through thought, along with negative and positive thinking. The pineal gland has receptors of both light and darkness, it serves that everything is a polarity, each gland in its perspective. The thyroid may store energy that is related more to communication, with yourself, your body and with others, it is also the barometer for how much you push your self physically and therefore affects your body emotionally via -your thyroid. Ringing in the ears, may be a sign that your thyroid is becoming out of balance for some people. To bring overall balance we all need to be more creative and active. Recognize that your body requires balance between the left analytical side of your brain and right creative side of the brain, and each endocrine gland is a polarized pair. Think of your brain as a pair of glands that too, need a healthy balance.

Our bodies are extremely intelligent, they just require attention from us, to run optimally, I cannot stress this enough. Giving back to your body through direct communication opens up levels of healing and divine connections to your spiritual self. In science and in energy medicine, both agree: gaining our attention is, indeed, the highest purpose of any symptom.