Ilike to work with a structured approach to help you receive the full benefit of your healing experience. The most complete form of healing through the human energy field happens simultaneously on all levels; the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. When we become consciously aware of being ‘in’ our bodies (a state of mind achievable with regular spiritual practice) the more intuitive we become; thus our innate desire to heal ourselves becomes stronger. It begins with your attention, when you bring your awareness from outside yourself to inside yourself. Combining your attention with intention helps you recognize what it is that you need to know for your own journey and life lessons. This applies to both what you learn, and how you heal.

Everything that has ever happened to you is stored in your body’s cells in the form of memory. Once you decide to heal, you’ll find that your body is the perfect conduit for it, and that through your body you can have a thorough and complete healing journey. All healing proceeds on three primary levels: mental, emotional and physical. Your overall experience through the human energy field (the HEF, also called the biofield) is the spiritual component. 


Healing The Mental Being

The mind. As intelligent as we are, the mind is the least effective at processing emotions. It is expertly self-deceptive, therefore we strive to lay everything out on the table, so your mind cannot stand in your way. The mind, however, will find balance when a connection is made to the heart; harmonious communication between the two allows for easy self-expression. It is natural for the mind to compartmentalize memories and experiences. For example, it will store emotions on shelves or in drawers, leave them in rooms you’ve spent time in, behind or under things, or even make painful memories inaccessible. If our emotional pain tempts us to self-medicate, such memories are shunted into the shadow sides of our personas. But when we choose healing, the integration of the mind, the emotions and the physical aspect of your being – the heart – unite. During a deeply-grounded state, these powerful human qualities coalesce. This deep grounding enables your mind to bring subconscious memory to consciousness, via anything from visual imagery, colour, and light, to thought, metaphor, clear memory, or sudden flashes of insight. 

Healing The Emotional Being

The gut. This part of the body is a major processor for our emotions. As humans we can feed our emotions or starve them, but this does not process them, please recognize this. To process emotions, you want to create circulation and movement, to allow for cleansing and elimination. For this we need reverberation: resonance, such as toning, chanting, speech, or other vocal expression. The gut stores blocked energy from unprocessed emotions, so any physical movement helps. Self-expression isn’t always easy, but finding your voice is key to the letting-go process and allowing your heart to heal. When we don’t let go of emotions we’ve been carrying around, our digestive system (that is, our gut health) suffers. And, knowing that anger is a mirror for sadness, it follows that holding onto anger can lead to depression and anxiety.


Healing The Physical Being

Represented by THE HEART; second only to the gut when it comes to processing emotions. The heart represents what we hold in and hold onto, what we long for, and where loneliness lives. Like an ever-expanding storage locker circulation unit. The heart is an expansive storage locker; it holds love and every other emotion. It holds memories, people, relationships, places, freedom, flow, and circulation. But the longer it holds onto pain, betrayal, grief, loss of love, self-loathing, fear, and so on, the more it can tear you apart. It is in the heart’s nature to hold onto emotions, yet it’s what we hold onto in our hearts that makes letting go so difficult.

Self-expression is a reflection of whatever you’re holding on to, therefore, in effect the-heart-is-the-voice-of-the-throat. If you can realize what you’re holding onto and discern what you need to let go of, you are then on the path to healing your heart. We all need balance; likewise we need to understand how to attain it. Expressing yourself healthily means that you no longer depress, suppress or repress your emotions.

Allowing Healing

Allowing yourself to heal: the operative words for this mode of healing are the simple but powerful words, ‘I ALLOW’. ‘I’ meaning, you, the self, the body; ‘allow’ meaning you are allowing your mind and your body to work in unison to fulfil your intention. Upon completion of our session together I recommend that you write or journal to summarize your experience. Writing is an extension of your heart through your hands. Your act of writing assists in completing the fusion of the mental, physical and emotional aspects of your self-healing. A time of introspection, the writing becomes a reflection of your treatment experience, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, or why your body has manifested such issues or pain or strain. Awakening to it allows the tissues of your body to heal, and enables you to change your mind and your ways. Putting pen to paper has long been known as an effective source of healing and is highly recommended to enhance your healing experience.

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