Guided Meditations

“Grounding, connects you to universal energy which brings you into your spiritual self”



Grounding is the first step I take you through in all my guided meditations. These are not just regular guided meditations, I take you from your conscious outer world and connect you to something greater, more expansive, your inner world. Where you open up your visual receptors, and feel an increased connection to your inner-self. These guided meditations, take you into your field of energy, where you are an active participant in your innerverse. Grounding Master Class is recommended before taking part in these meditations. Like all experiences of getting into your energy field and connecting with your inner-self, these benefits are enhanced:

  • Raise your frequency
  • Balance emotions
  • Build a stronger sense of self
  • Releases stress
  • Strengthen intuition


Options to choose from: one:one phone sessions ; By Zoom : Single Sessions/ Series (3 sessions/ 3 weeks ; In-home group sessions.  Each meditation approximately 45-50 mins in length. Contact for more information.


Single Sessions (45-50 mins)



Tapping into the Ocean of Qi


In this guided mediation, once a deep grounding is achieved, I will take you into your divine pure source energy called the Ocean of Qi. This life force energy will show you, where you may be imbalanced in the field of Yin or Yang. We work together at restoring the energy balance between the polarity’s. This is a wonderful guided meditation to help you understand and exercise your Qi energy.


Hormone Balancing


Have you ever wondered which side of your glands are out of balance? Perhaps the supplements you are taking aren’t quite making a difference? Do you feel tired most of the time or experience brain fog? we live in a time where our nervous system is under attack, and our endocrine system. is depleted. Everything is connected. I love the hormone balance, I do it on myself regularly to check in. The ovaries produce both testosterone and estrogen, where the left side holds the estrogen and right side the testosterone. All this information is in the energy field. I take you into the energy field of each gland, from the Pituitary to the reproductive glands where then, you can discover which gland is weaker or stronger, then I work with you to create a balance. More than one session is required to gain full benefit.


Immune Boost


Your immune system is a powerful system consisting of Lymph and lymphoid tissue in the body. It can be boosted energetically, by bringing attention to each of the areas that make up the system. 1) Peyer’s patches, located on the wall of the small intestine, 2) The Spleen, located in the abdominal cavity it contains infection-fighting white blood cells, it filters the blood and removes any old or damaged red blood cells. 3) The Thymus gland, located behind the breastbone, contains T-lymphocytes or T cells, a specific type of white blood cell that protects the body from certain threats, including viruses and infections. 4) The Tonsils, two oval masses in the back of the throat, they filter pathogens coming in by mouth and lubricate the throat. If you don’t have tonsils, its okay, even though they are not there physically the energetic still remains. 5) The Liver. One of the most important organs in the body and one that requires the most cleansing, often the liver can get overloaded with toxic waste, medications or heavy metals, and emotions.


Heart and Soul Balance


In this guided meditation, it gives you the opportunity to greet your Heart’s field of energy and nurture the relationship to your Soul. Your heart is like a vault or a beacon, in which you attract or repel. Discover what emotions your are holding on to and release those that do not serve you. Bringing attention to one of the most powerful centers in your body, and visiting with your Soul, is worth the experience this guided meditation has to offer.


Chakra Intelligence


Discover the intelligence of your chakras, by determining which one or two needs the most attention. I work with you to find what the imbalance is and bring your fields of energy back into homeostasis.


Opening the LIghthouse


In this powerful meditation, I take you deep into your root chakra to get you grounded, then I connect you to your divine consciousness, which then opens up a path of light that connects you to the Earths Light. In this energetic explosion you can use this energy to bring healing for yourself or call in divine guidance. This is an advanced meditation recommended for those of you with experience.




In this guided meditation you are taken through several check points that open your crown chakra to divine guidance, where you can connect yourself to your loved ones on the other side. For participants who are experienced in meditation only. Consultation required.


Reduce Grinding and Clenching


Grinding and clenching is definitely hard on your teeth, jaw, and neck and can activate migraines or headaches. Often this bad habit began as a response to stress during a stressful or traumatizing time in your life. In this guided meditation, you will discover the origin or memory that is associated with the grinding or clenching then I work with you to release the trauma.




Series Sessions (3 parts)



Building the Ocean of Qi


This guided meditation series, is certain to help you nurture and build the relationship to your life force energy. Why you would want to participate in this series is to, build vitality, health and balanced energy. Please take the the single session of tapping into the ocean of Qi first, In this guided meditation I will connect your Qi field of energy to other powerful fields in your body to help you understand the great divine light and power within you.



Vagus Nerve Trauma Release


The super highway of the cranial nerves, the tenth, what is known as the Vagus nerve. This nerve packs a punch, it is incredibly energetic as it’s your ‘feeler’ nerve. It records and stores all the memory of everything you have experienced in your lifetime. In this unique experience I will guide you into the field of energy of your Vagus Nerve, for the purpose of releasing trauma. In this series, participants are able to locate where the most significant trauma is held in their body without the emotion attached to it. We move along the left and right Vagal pathways from the brain down to the tailbone. In the second session spaced one week apart, I assist you in the transformation one or two of those traumas without triggering the emotions attached to them. The third session, we check in on how successful the trauma release was and clean up any loose ends your body highlights for us. (Limit four people per group, option one-to-one, encourage completion of Grounded Master Class. More sessions may be required based on what your field highlights). You can read more about the anatomy of the Vagus here.


Healing from Anxiety, Depression or Abuse


If you feel empty, anxious, a flutter at your solar plexus, a general feeling of a lack of direction, this series of guided meditations are for you. These are trademark feelings for anyone who is struggling with their sense of self, or where you find yourself in the world of ‘you’. Anxiety, depression, or a hormonal imbalance can be products of a weak solar plexus chakra. In this three part series we will go into the important power centers that make up who you are. We will build a stronger foundation and help you strengthen the self and bring you a better sense of well-being.


More Series coming soon!

  • Awaken Your Spiritual Self through the Pineal Gland
  • Healing Your Heart
  • Awakening The Kundalini



Each group single meditation is $30 including tax. For each friend you get to sign up, you both receive $10 off. Series are $90 including tax, sign up a friend, you both receive $10 off.

 Contact for interest.

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