Grounding Master Class

“Everything is Energy”


Where thoughts go energy flows, our thoughts are so powerful, we can use them to our advantage. Many people live in their heads, thoughts non-stop, the difficultly of being mindful is human kinds biggest challenge. What if I told you that the best way to empty your mind is to get into your body? It’s true.

The practice of grounding or earthing, is about getting down to the earth and connecting with this powerful magnetic field. In order to get out of our thinking mind is to transition into the body and then into the earths field of energy. We have a magnetic field both in our body and our hearts, holding a positive and negative charges. The power lays within being in an active interaction with your body’s energy field and the earth’s energy field. When you are able to plug yourself into the earth through the field, you can balance your nervous system, reduce pain, replenish your energy and re-charges your body.

In both my beginner and intermediate grounding master classes, I take you from a your conscious awareness of being in the room that you are in, into your body, via your heart and your lower root chakra. From there, I lead you into several guided meditations to reach specific areas of your body. You move through these areas within your energy field. Many people who have taken these classes express they see various colours, bright light, they feel energy moving, hot and cold sensations, chakras spinning, everyone’s experience is different.

The purpose of doing the master class is to cultivate the relationship with your energy field, as you quickly realize, you are more than your physical body. I cover four very important fields of energy: 1) Starting with the root chakra, I guide you into this powerful field and get you stabilized building a strong foundation. 2) The journey into your Heart’s field of energy to find your still-point and visit with your Soul. 3) This week, I introduce you to your ‘life force energy’ the ‘Qi’ and do an immune boost. 4) I guide you into your Solar Plexus, the location of transformation, your light, your soul, here you have an opportunity to cleanse energy that no longer serves you.


Beginner Class ~


I. Calming The Nervous System ~

This first class, is for those of you who are new to guided meditations and want to learn about how to bring your conscious awareness inside your body. This is combined teaching and a gentle guided meditation going into your body’s field of energy, through your Root Chakra. You will notice where you are holding on to tension while using tools to release, helping you let go of a busy mind and firmly placing you in your body.


II. Seven Chakra Guided Meditation ~

This meditation class teaches you how to tune into the subtle fields of energy in each one of the power centers, You will learn about each energy center and what energy it holds, it is a felt sense experience that will deepen your relationship to the fields of energy that your body consists of.



Intermediate Class ~



I. Root Chakra ~ First Power Center


Connecting to the innate power of the earth helps bring your body into balance. I will begin with a introduction to the series, and then briefly describe the seven power centers, In the guided mediation, you will be guided into this first powerful center of your body,  where you will meet your body’s magnetic energy field. In essence, I am teaching you how to ground yourself and understand the value of this practice. This is a felt-sense experience, that helps you relax your mind, calm your nervous system and unwind tension.


II. Heart Chakra ~ Fourth Power Center


Once you are grounded, I will then guide you into the most intelligent center in your body, your heart. The Heart center is about relationships, with both yourself and others. It is like a vault, a storage container of the pain and happiness in your life and more. The heart is the bridge between the upper and lower chakra’s, it is it’s own energy field and life force. After spending time in the heart center, I will guide you into your Soul; Your spiritual identity and the energy that connects the collective consciousness. I will help you explore the heart’s field in shape, frequency or vibrancy. This is your opportunity to connect with yourself and open the line of communication between you, and your heart. What do you need to know? What are you holding onto that no longer serves you? If you are a person who does too much for others, and not enough for yourself, this meditation will be helpful for you.


III. The Center of ‘Qi~ Yin & Yang


The center of QI (Chi) Life Force Energy: Another very powerful center of your body, Qi pronounced ‘Chee’ is the life force energy in the body. This center is located 3 finger widths below the belly button. Both Chinese Philosophy and acupuncture address this concept of Qi. I will guide you into this powerful center where you locate the flow of energy of the masculine (yang) and the feminine (yin). From here, we will do a powerful immune boost, accessing the fields of important components of your immune system : the Peyer’s Patch (lymph glands), the spleen, the thymus gland, and the liver. I will guide you into moving to each one of these areas, charging and strengthening your immune system with the power of Qi. Experiencing this meditation treatment can leave you relaxed, grounded yet energized.


IV. Solar plexus ~ Third Power Center


Here I guide you into your Solar Plexus, power center located just below your breast bone. Its color is yellow, its element is fire. Its power is transformation. This center is all about you, autonomy, self-confidence, self-assurance, anger, emotions, insecurities, lacking courage and a few more. When this center is balanced, you are assertive, confident, capable, responsible. This power center can easily come out of balance with any situational stress or response to it. We will spend time in this area, feeling into it, and bringing it into as much balance as possible.


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Beginner Grounding Master Class

In this two-part beginners class you will learn about ways to calm your nervous system, the importance of deep diaphragmic breathing, visualization tips and I will lead you into a slower paced guided meditation into the power centre of the Earth, the Root Chakra. The second week, will be a felt-sense experience of going into each of the seven power centres. 

Please email me first to sign up. Option to E-transfer, price includes applicable taxes and is subject to change due to promotions & specials.

2 sessions: $49 CAD

Intermediate Grounding Master Class

This four-part series, teaches you to connect to your body and the earth as one unit. Each meditation is about 45 min in length, one week apart, this gives you an opportunity to practice and expand yourself toward expertise. The first of the four Guided Meditations is always free. Recommended to attend the first guided meditation before proceeding to the second, third and fourth.

Please email me first to sign up. Option to E-transfer, price includes applicable taxes and is subject to change due to promotions & specials.

4 sessions: $99 CAD