Grounding Master Class

The Art of Grounding

This Grounding Master Class is designed for those of you who maybe new to energy healing, new to meditation, or for anyone craving a stronger mind-body connection or would like to understand what it really means by ‘grounding’.

The principle purpose of grounding is to form a conscious connection with the earth beneath you – our planet, that consistently supports us every moment of every day. We are striving to consciously connect to its magnetic field. An indelible etheric connection exists between you and the earth that forms about two weeks before your birth, and lasts until a short time after your soul has left your body. In some disciplines this connection is described as two points in the etheric field; The Earth Star, six feet below your feet, and the Soul Star, six feet above your head.) The Vivaxis – literally translated as ‘life axis’ – connects directly to your first chakra, the lowest point of the seven main chakras, located roughly at the base of the spine.

We can trust that this connection with the earth’s magnetic field steadily exists without us thinking about it; but the important element is that when we consciously awaken that connection, and intentionally make it stronger, the energy field is strengthened and our potential for healing through our own energy fields becomes greatly enhanced. This vital connection to the planet is fundamental to all energy work, in all healing modalities, and is why I insist on grounding at the start of every class and every healing session. I also recommend grounding for meditation, and prior to any and all situations that challenge us in any way.

What can you expect as a participant in the Grounding Masterclass?

In a gentle shift from outer consciousness to inner consciousness, I will guide you from normal body awareness to a state of alert inner awareness; a deeply meditative state wherein you gain a sense of what you will come to recognize as ‘grounding’. Once you have practiced it a few times with me, you will be familiar with how it feels, and will quickly know when you’re there. This is a felt–sense experience for you, some people describe the sensation as feeling suspended in air at the same time feeling deeply grounded or heavy. Then, you’re ready to communicate with your body and open yourself to healing.

Deep grounding like this puts you into a ‘rest and digest’ state. At this level of mind and body coherence, we communicate freely. From here you can regulate your nervous system, significantly lower stress, calm mental or emotional anxiety, and experience benefits that are unique to you and your needs. Deep grounding balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which brings you that much closer to holistic balance. At this level of awareness, I assist you to awaken lines of communication between your mind and your body, and activate its innate ability to self-heal.

Becoming adept at grounding deeply prepares you for Advanced Healing.

Meeting on Zoom in a group journey into a live, interactive experience, or individual by telephone, or in-person class. I lead you through 4 guided meditation grounding sessions, each one designed to enhance your awareness of your own energy field, and your chakra system.

I am offering a free 15 minute grounding recording after completion of this class.

Grounding Master Class

A four-part series. In each of the four sessions, I will guide you through different meditations. Between sessions, you’ll conduct a personal practice that facilitates your growth toward expertise. This is an four-week program with one session every week. If you struggle with insomnia from time to time or struggle with ‘monkey mind’, or if you find it hard to achieve stillness, this is the option for you. Start now!
4 sessions: $450 CAD